Congratulations to our Founding Mother, Honey Vo XA #5 "Juicy", on receiving her veterinary doctorate this passed week! 💖💕 We stay having strong women as our role modelz! Keep making us proud! Love, your LSG family 🌹🐻 #classychi #IPSE #lambdasigmagamma

Summer Retreat 2018 ✔

A Successful 2018-2019
Tau Chapter Year...just beginning!
💚🐻❤ #LambdaSigmaGamma #LSG #MulticulturalSorority #UnityThroughSisterhood #CSULB #TauMade #PlanningWithAPurpose #SummerRetreat2018

ZETA Chapter would like to take a moment to wish a very happy 21st birthday to our sister Alexa Winn ZAΓ #2 🎉🎉 Thanks for everything you do for the Chapter, we're all so proud of you! We hope your day is filled with lots of love, enjoy your big day! #21 🎂 #LambdaSigmaGamma #LSGBirthday #HappyBirthday

A few of our sisters had the opportunity to attend the Emerging Leaders Conference this past week hosted by the USFC! We're excited for what these ladies will bring to LSG as the new leaders of ZETA Chapter.
We would also like to give a huge shoutout to our sister Itzamara Ixta ZAΔ #9 who recently got chosen as Director of Community Service for the USFC! WE'RE PROUD OF YOU ANCHOR! Holding it down for your line AND your Chapter! ⚓️❤️💚 #LambdaSigmaGamma #EmergingLeaders #USFC

Congratulations to my Little! You did it! #sjsugrad #lambdasigmagamma #ipse 🎓🌹

Go like and support our beautiful sister Stephanie Diaz 🌹as she participates in Miss Greek Universe hosted by @slonak .... go like her picture @slonak page 🤟❤️😍 #beauty #MGU #missgreekuniverse #lambdasigmagamma

TBT: With our Summer Retreat this weekend, here are a few memories from our 2017 Fall Retreat ♡♡♡
#LambdaSigmaGamma#LSG #MulticulturalSorority #UnityThroughSisterhood #ChapterRetreat #TauMade #TBT

Our new members + their Bigs got to showcase their inner Picasso at our paddle exchange this week 👩🏽‍🎨🌹💚❤️🌹 #ZETAPicassos #ZETA #LambdaSigmaGamma #LSG #PaddleExchange

Our sisters keeping it 🌹classy 🌹at our formal this past weekend. Thank you to our Commissioner of Internal Social Affairs, Ailyn Gonzalez ZAA1 (@ileannfoo1) for putting on an amazing event. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! 🌹And thank you to all our dates who helped make this a night to remember! #LSG #ZETAFormal2018 #LambdaSigmaGamma #Formal #BeautyThroughDiversity

Congratulations to our founding mother, Gopika Dasari XA #12 "Hyphy", for her Doctorate ceremony this weekend! You're a great role model for all of us and we can't wait to see what great things you do in the future! Love, your LSG family 🌹🐻💖 #IPSE #alphaclass #classychi #lambdasigmagamma #itsthelambdaway #yougogirl

Meet our class of 2018 Theta Chapter graduating sister 🌹
Mayra Reyes Θ ΑΔ #2 “SΣRΣNITY”

Major: Psychology
Minor: Chicano/Latino Studies
Why LSG?: LSG gave me a home away from home. Without the support of my sisters, I wouldn’t have been able to finish school. I’m grateful for my sisters for being there for me and always supporting me. It has given me life long friendships. LSG has helped me building my leadership skills and open opportunities for me. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and gain more confidence. I’m glad to be part of such a beautiful organization and all that it has given me!!
What are your goals from this point forward?: I am moving back to SoCal so I could be closer to my family. I plan to find an internship or job with my B.A. In a year or two, I would like to go back to school to get my masters. For now, I would like to enjoy my time and have some fun.

We wish you nothing but the best sis 💚⚪️❤️ IPSE! 🌹 #lambdasigmagamma #ssugreeks #lambdagrad #lsg #classof2018

Via @lsgtau: Tau Chapter's 2017-2018 Banquet was filled with many wonderful memories, and a perfect end to a spectacular year! Love and sisterhood to all our sisters, IPSE! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Banquet Awardees:
Highest Fall Semester GPA: Isabel Olmos

Highest Fall Cumulative GPA: Isabel Olmos

Sister of the Year: Elva C Peña

Alumna of the Year: Elva C Peña

New Member of the Year: Cassandra Acevedo

Most Active Inactive: Vanessa Flores

Lifesaver Award: Elva C Peña

Best Sense of Humor: Cassandra Acevedo

Most Athletic: Michelle Gonzalez

#LambdaSigmaGamma#LSG #MulticulturalSorority #UnityThroughSisterhood #CSULB #LSGTauBanquet2018
#TauMade #IPSE

Tau Chapter's 2017-2018 Banquet was filled with many wonderful memories!!! It was a perfect end to a spectacular year!!! Love and sisterhood to all our sisters, IPSE!!! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our Banquet Awardees

Highest Fall Semester GPA Isabel Olmos

Highest Fall Cumulative GPA Isabel Olmos

Sister of the Year Elva C Peña

Alumna of the Year Elva C Peña
New Member of the Year Cassandra Acevedo

Most Active Inactive Vanessa Flores

Lifesaver Award Elva C Peña

Best Sense of Humor Cassandra Acevedo

Most Athletic Michelle Gonzalez

#LambdaSigmaGamma#LSG #MulticulturalSorority #UnityThroughSisterhood #CSULB #LSGTauBanquet2018
#TauMade #IPSE

🌹She who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose 🌹
Proud of all the hard work our sisters put into our Chapter. As the academic year comes to an end, we reflect on all the experiences we gained to strengthen our sisterhood and continue to strive for excellence! ❤️💚 #LambdaSigmaGamma #ZestyZETAS #Spring2018 #LSGPride

Our Sister of the Week is our lovely sister, Aupshwara Khandoker XN #4 "Euphoria" !💜 She is a 4th year PSB major with a minor in Educational Sciences! •
"I ❤️ LSG for all the sassy sisters that I am blessed with and some friendships that I know I can take with me for a lifetime. Even though there are ups and downs I saw my sisters always trying to have each other’s back. I always found a sense of belonging here and most importantly what makes LSG so special are all the times when a sister shows their love to you. Simply when a sister says hi to you makes a difference or a sister that gives you a hug on the way when you’re rushing to class or a sister that comments on your picture and makes you feel important,all of that makes me love LSG more cause at the end of the day I know I can say because I have a sister I’ll always have a friend :’)" We love you too, girl and keep making us proud! #sisteroftheweek #yougogirl #lambdasigmagamma #IPSE

Hugs, kisses and a lot of Birthday wishes for our Neo Olga Cojulun ΕΤ #2 "Chiquita” 💕😽 Epsilon hopes you have an amazing day we love your charisma and positive energy 👑 😘🌹 Happy Birthday sister ❤️❤️ #lambdabirthday
#lambdasigmagamma #happybirthday

Blessed #Ramadan to all our sisters and friends celebrating. May Ramadan bring you many blessings. #ΛΣΓ #LambdaSigmaGamma #ipse #LSG #multiculturalsorority 🐻🌹❤️

ZETA Chapter President, Alondra Garcia, ZAB #9, had the opportunity to present her research this week on how the DACA program has affected not only DREAMers, but their undocumented parents, as well. While DACA has placed students in a positive light, it has also strengthened the criminalization of their immigrant parents. ZETA Chapter is proud of our sisters who take on research opportunities and continue to excel in higher education. Keep making us proud 💚❤️#WomenInHigherEducation #LSGsInResearch #LambdaSigmaGamma #ZETA

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