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Made a french toast breakfast for the tribe. #memorialdayweekend #chefthizzle #lakehouse #laketulloc

In a SHOCKING TWIST that NO ONE ANYWHERE saw coming, sources close to us have confirmed that there is, in fact, TOO MUCH STUFF in here. Jill has the EXCLUSIVE interview. Jill?
Thanks, Deb. Deb, we're here with disillusioned homeowner, Heather, who is just as surprised as we are that they have too much stuff:
"We're just really surprised that 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and 2 family rooms worth of furniture isn't fitting into 2 bedrooms and 1 bath and 1 living area," says the dumbfounded homeowner. "The math just isnt adding up."
The homeowners say they will be taking more items to a donation center, soon, but not after rearranging everything a few times first, "just in case it fits when we turn it like this." More on these developing updates as they become available to us. Back to the studio.
Thanks, Jill. Boy what a plot twist [obligatory news banter chuckle]. And now let's throw it over to Dave with sports! Dave?

Sunshine and friends nothing better and Charlie 🐶
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So much love for these two • Excited to meet my little nephew • #denver #colorado #expecting #photography #co #nephew

I have officially found my HAPPY PLACE. Water access all day, all night. Can we just live here year round? #bestlife #lakehouse #memorialdayweekend #goldendoodle

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