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2017 honda civic in matte metallic blue. True japanese jdm in Shin Akuma's gi.

Clue: think vintage.

Here we go. Another satin pearl white for another bmw.

We finally took a break from the satin black chrome fever. Satin pearl white on a bmw640.

Let's face it. We are as good as paint. We murdered paint.

All ready in black chrome for a wedding tomorrow.

The fever that never goes away. Satin chrome black on an Alpina.

The sun is out and the new wrap for the Chevelle is done. What do you think about Custom Psychedelic Kryptek? #Chevelle #SS #Wrapped #Laidnotspray #Kryptek #teamcolorpainter #Wrapglove #Kuttek #Geckowraps #3M #okiData #5950wraps #kryptekoutdoorgroup #Racing #customcolor #Tofast4you #Idahome #wrappermapper #3m

Where little details in black matter.

Have you heard about the satin black chrome fever?

The biggest difference between us and other wrap shops? Every stakeholder in our company knows how to wrap. So while our workers are happily collecting Ang Pows, 2 of the owners finished this c180 in 48 hrs. Enjoy.

Back to basics.

The iconic 'Project I' popped by just before the start of the festive period. We can't think of any other vinyl that's more befitting than this.

All we need now is technology that allows the wrap to harness solar energy.

Ending the satin chrome fever with a satin tiffany chrome.

Here's what we did in 48 hrs:
1. Engine oil & coolant change
2. Front & Rear rotors and brake pads replaced
3. Rims sprayed in gloss black
4. Full satin tiffany chrome wrap with gloss black roof, handles and side mirrors.

The valley of level 99 difficulty.

Keep it simple, short and black.

100 metres satin chrome black sprint. 25 metres more to go.


1 word, 5 letters, Tesla.

Enough said.

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