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stiles + lydia
"orange and blue, not a good combination"
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I can't let you go.
I ship them bc their relationship was beautiful but so short lived.
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— a woman, my woman
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Their obvs soulmates and no one can tell me other wise not even Jeff, Jeff can choke on a dick tbh with his bs 'Lydia didn't care for Aiden' the two if them b so in love. Lyds could've seen so many people in 5.01 in eichen but she saw Aiden bc he's he soulmate :)) They deserves the whole fjcking world. My #1 is really frinkin beautiful!!!! [#laiden #bosfavs]

Açık ara farkla en sevdiğim şip. -Zeynep
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my top 30 otp's (summer edition):
16. aydia/laiden:
she need him so badly, never forgive jeff for kill aiden and this beautiful ship, forever bitter jeff, F O R E V E R.
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— a woman
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hey fam how r y'all doing (dw I'm not dead I just cbf editing) so here's an old crusty edit of my favs from a collab (das why it's so short) churr


My top 40 Brotps -
10; Scott and Lydia -
One of my fav Tw friendships and I believe Scott was a massive part of Lydia's development. Scott always made sure Lydia was safe and okay Lydia trusts scott with everything and feels safe around him and don't kill me but I kind of ship it omds I actually ship scott with everyone lol cr; @silver

Oh my goodness what did I just do? Ac: @bennettsmagic

They just deserve to be happy!! All of them. (vc) @silverstydia

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a short collab part, just for you to know that im alive
gonna delete this later
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's post
scusate per la costante inattività, ma non so cosa postare, poi avevamo già un'idea per il prossimo tema, ma senza Elenah è complicato da fare (non così tanto, ma perlomeno
facciamo metà del tema ciascuna)
anyway ho visto la 6x14 e la 6x15 di teen wolf e liam è mabshd
non riuscirò a resistere per altre 2 settimane senza teen wolf :'(
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#aotd GoT e Teen Wolf
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Açık ara farkla en sevdiğim şip. -Zeynep
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the sweetest bean

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protect this smol sunshine

My top 40 Brotps
35; stiles and Allison
I actually ship them as everything friends,romantic and even siblings i would love them as siblings They are so underrated but I loved their friendship so much and I would of loved to see more of it tbh
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I'll never get over her iconic glo up 🤧
What a goddess. Cr ; @irrevalant

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