Feeding Time

“Promise me you'll—
hold my hand
if I get scared now”
- @troyesivan

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Looking out the window mid seated calf raise and thinking about why I’m training calves when they’re already too big for my liking 🤦🏼‍♂️😅 (Yes I know you struggle for them but I wish mine were a little smaller but that’s just a personal insecurity 😂)
If you are feeling unmotivated 😓, tired 😴, weak 😲, flat in the gym 😵, like you’ve plateaued 📉, or just are absolutely physically & mentally exhausted 😖😖😖 ... take some days off! IN A ROW 👍🏼 Ever since I got back from my trip to Vegas 🎲🎰💰 I was feeling off but I got back to the grind anyways for 2 weeks until Spring Awakening 🎇🕺🏼👽... after that I just felt no motivation or desire to make it to the gym and when I did I didn’t have good lifts 🤮 So what I did was take 6 days off from lifting (I still did cardio cuz ya know shreds, but you should actually rest on these days off) but 6 days off 😱 while still keeping my diet clean but also enjoying some foods as well... balance 🍎🍕😌 Think of it as a “factory reset” for you body but more importantly your Central Nervous System (CNS)... taking consecutive days off once every maybe 3-4 months actually benefits you! Your CNS becomes taxed after prolonged periods of training and not only exercise taxes your CNS other things do as well! 🕺🏼🚶🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️⛳️🥌🚴🏼‍♀️ So give your CNS time to “recalibrate” if you will & I promise you, you will come back motivated, hungry (for gainz) 🍣🍕🥔 & feeling fresh 💧👍🏼 Consecutive rest days are also mentally beneficial 🧠 because it allows you to clear your head 🤩, reflect on how you’ve been doing inside and out of the gym 🧐, and plan ahead for the next few months 🤔 They are physically beneficial because you are resting your muscles and letting them FULLY recover before tearing them again 💪🏼
Don’t be afraid to take some time off every once in awhile! It’ll be good for you, I promise 😊
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