The Snatch

Hollywood infected your brain

Constructing my story
We each have an awesome story to tell. A story unique to your journey
Be not afraid to use it to influence and inspire others
Share your story because that is what makes up your legacy

LA - golden state of mind β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄ #moments

True luv 😍😈

Missing outings like these. But really, who wants to go out into the city with this heat 😭 #stellanadventures

Infuse this summer with our special summer collection and help the world to become a better place ✌️ #shopandhelp

California dreaming 🌟
I’m starting to fall in love with the city, the oceans, the sunsets, the weather. But out of all, you’re the reason why.

LA calling, bathed in sunlight πŸ’«

Cue theme to the OC.

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