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it is a cool place and they say it gets cooler #lafayeet

Wishin camp just stared and school just ended💞🌚🏔 #LafaYEET #earthycrunchy

Потолок галереи Лафает #paris #lafayeet

Modern captions on old paintings are my favorite thing #lafayeet

" ɢᴜᴇss ᴡʜᴏ's ʙᴀᴄᴋ? "
Hey y'all! The dance school roleplay died, so I decided I should pop back in with another?
So introducing *dramatic pose*
The plot :0!
So basically the football players of a local advanced college had been lacking in agility, so the coach placed them into a private, extremely advanced ballet school.
Note: Burr and Theodosia are siblings, despite being in different sports. So Burr knows his way around.
Alex- ♥️
Aaron- ♥️
Thomas- ♥️
Angelica- ♥️
Hercules- ♥️
John- ♥️
Philip (Smol Water Boy)- ♥️
Elizabeth- ♥️
James- ♥️
Theodosia- ♥️
Maria- ♥️
Lafayette- ♥️
Margarita- ♥️
Note: Be flipping active and DONT LET THIS DIE.
I'll message you the ships!
[ 🎬: @jeffersonsdick & @scuylr ]
[ 🎨: szin on YouTube ]

did i get his personality correct? idk i just watched one video that had him innit
#alexanderhamilton #hamilton #hamiltonthemusical #lafayette #lafaYEET #drawdatyo #sketch #drawing



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