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💣 Proudly not normal, non-conformist, out-of-the-box thinker, daydreamer, miracle-witch, starseed, galactic hybrid, Earth-Gaia lover, bestie with Fairies 💋. Shoutout to all the Misfits making a positive difference in the world. If you're reading this, that means you're one of us 😜

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Be yourself, and own it!

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In the search for authenticity, I've found it among a community of women taking their passions and turning them into small businesses that bring beauty + light into the world in so many ways 🌿 @wildroots_apothecary @weareladyfarmer @woolf_lavenderfarm @takecareshopdc @taffyfloral @kichekogoods @baklavacouture @cowbellkitchen @littlewildthingsfarm @gather.floral ✨ I'm so grateful for all that you do and for you each sharing so much beauty with me 🌻

Primarily, I love to get colorful. 🤣 #badpun #canthelpmyself

it's been an incredibly wonderful, weird, and sad week. i finally got some time to write about it all during our SIX HOUR (😳😬🙄) layover.
if you want to read my thoughts about moving, kenya, and donald trump, head on over to the link in my profile.
if not, don't. live your life.


I'd say about 50% of my side hustle involves blogging & content writing. Two things I love to do. Need help with content marketing? Email me: hello@linzimartin.com and let's work together 🤗 #contentmarketing 📸: @kristentersteeg

If you're ready for the weekend, say "yeah!" 🙋🏽😂 Idk about you but this week was so mentally draining for me. I'm looking forward to a chill weekend to myself to relax and to get some marketing strategies set up for my business. What do you have planned for the weekend?

It's that time of year again! The kiddies are heading back to school. I'm seeing so many super cute outfits on Facebook. What was your best back to school outfit?

It is important and critical to take short breaks in between working on your projects or coaching program. ⠀

For me, I can be so focused on my work that sometimes I don’t get off the chair for a long period of time. This is not good for our body and health.⠀

Recently, I became very conscious of taking breaks. It can be a very short one, like a trip to nearby eateries to get food, to a 30-40mins nap. I find that after a good walk, stretch or nap, I feel refreshed and ready to continue with my work.⠀

What are some of the things you do for a short break?⠀

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🚨🚨💡💡⏳⏳48 Hour Biz Strategy Session Sale let's have a one on one Conversation.
I have created a special strategy session to assist those of you who are stuck on where to go next in your business. This is a great time to purchase your strategy session, because I am giving it to you for $79 instead of the regular cost of $150. Just click HERE and use 48Biz as your coupon code to get the savings. https://madamceoinc.samcart.com/products/biz-start-up-strategy-session/. ⏳⏳🚨🚨💡💡.#entrepreneurlifestyle #madam #madamceoatl #businessmentor #businessbuilder #businesscoach #businesswoman #entrepreneurwoman #ladypreneur #ladyboss #wealthbuilder #tyear #risktaker #makemoneyonline #makemoney #womanpreneur #womenwhohustle #womeninbusiness #womenwhoblog #atlanta #lacefrontal #mogultalk #mogulinthemaking #mycreativelife #growyourbusiness #smallbuisnessbuilder #diyentrepreneur #diyceo #womenwhoinspire #ladybosses

This guy was in trouble today, the balloon was ripped, and he almost landed in the backyard. The dogs were in a panic. But he never quit, managed to keep flying and waved goodbye. That's what we do: rise, fall (or almost), learn, change directions, repeat and shine!

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Two years ago, was at the elusive “6-figure” mark. I had my own biz. I was helping brilliant women launch their own businesses. You would think I would feel over the freaking moon. What I really felt? Chained down. Like I was tossed into the ocean with a giant rock tied to my waist and every day was a constant struggle to hide what I was REALLY passionate about—like astrology, alchemy, moon cycles, archetypes, tarot, etc. After all, I was hearing from the best in the biz that it wasn’t a “good idea” to lead with those topics.

For MONTHS I drowned myself in the noise of other people’s opinions & expectations—spiraling out of control with all my doubts & fears—feeling more and more lost. Feeling more & more confused about why the hell I was even in biz for myself.

Until one day, I said, "FUCK IT. I’m not listening to the “gurus” who are telling me to lead with ONLY business. Barf. Boring. No thanks. I'm taking a stand for woo AND business and doing both." That's when I knew the Biz Woo concept had to be birthed into the world, once and for all.

Guess what? It WORKED.

I finally realized that you totally CAN integrate & swirl all of your passions, desires, & quirks together to make your own unique magic. AND you can create a business model that feels fun & fabulous for YOU (not what everyone else in the industry says you have to follow!). Waaay more often than not, we're told we need a specific system, marketing tactics, and exact steps to be successful. Don't get me wrong -- I'm always learning & growing & there IS key info that helps us grow our bizzes. But…

To truly step up as a leader, you must develop an internal compass so strong that you are constantly guided & creating from IT instead of someone else’s plan.

Have you been feeling this way in your own biz lately? Like you’re ready to step into the leader you KNOW you’re born to be, but it feels impossible?

I’m hosting a 5-Part Workshop just for you where we’ll unlock your methodology that results in real magic for you & your clients. You’ll gain the confidence to toss out the 5-step cookie cutter BS, & create an experience that sparks a fire within you & your clients. Join in via the link in my bio 🔮

3 days at Camp Pendleton Main Exchange. Fun times. I love playing store. Brings out the best of my inner child😊Not military affiliated? Not local? You can find us on line! Amazon, Etsy and our own website. Link in bio #camppendleton #mcxcamppendleton #shopnowonline #mybusiness #mystore #innerchild #gooddays #marketingstrategy #dailywords #dailymessage #fuelyourmind #brandingdesign #branding101 #greatgift #greatgifts #cheaptherapy #positiveimpact #makeadifference #tips4life #thursdaythoughts

#tbt to when I met @ladydeborahlloyd, Creative Director and visionary behind @katespadeny. Hearing her journey and about her creative process was exciting and inspiring ☺️💗
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"It's not what the vision is, it's what the vision does." -Peter Senge

Working like it's Monday!! Complete your 2016 taxes & or Restore Your Credit.
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Certified Credit Consultant
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We are super excited to announce Blank Slate Media Consulting has been in business for a year!
We are so thankful for all of the clients we have served for the past year and cannot wait to continue to serve you for many years to come!!

The inner pink princess in me absofreakinglutely adores this! Illustration by the oh so talented @kerriehessillustration 🙌

#ThursdayThought a Miracle mindset

A little #ThrowbackThursday to a fun lunch with some fabulous ladies from a recent NY training class.
#doulatraining #prodoula #lunchdates #rocknrolldoula

If they're not inspiring you to be better then it's time to get some new friends. Go ahead and tag those that are giving you that push that you need...🙆‍♀️💕🙆‍♂️

Today, I am freaking ecstatic to tell you about a FREE live workshop/webinar/Masterclass (whatever you want to call these things) I'm hosting on Wednesday 23 August at 10 AM AEST. Link in bio⠀

The Masterclass is all about my favourite topic Law of Attraction and EFT (Tapping)!⠀

New to EFT Tapping.⠀

Don't fully get Law of Attraction.⠀


Love EFT Tapping and or Law of Attraction.⠀

This is perfect for you. Plus a live Q + A.⠀

You can sign up for the Masterclass here⠀

So here's a true fact of a lot of people.⠀

People think the Law of Attraction will manifest them what they want if they stay happy and visualise oh and say a thousand affirmations.⠀

Say a thousand affirmations.⠀

Visualise or have a vision board and wait for it to happen.⠀

Seriously - I can't tell you how many times I see people struggle with their life or with manifesting because they rely on feeling happy, saying affirmations and visualising thinking that's how Law of Attraction works. ⠀

Here's a secret that I know tons of people will be mad about (I  disagree with that method that people are teaching you):⠀

When I see that someone new to Law of Attraction or manifesting and using visualisation and affirmations alone for their business, I think to myself "They have not come across someone that has taught them EXACTLY what's involved". Here's why:⠀

Because The only people that have taught the correct way to get Law of Attraction to kick in and bring you clients, money, love etc. only teach it in part of something paid.⠀

Or they only teach a very small bit of it, which if your not an expert may leave you wondering why the hell are you not attracting what you want.⠀

I don't have time for that. ⠀

I care about teaching and saving you a hell of a lot of time and money.⠀

Hence why I'm showing you how to combine EFT and Law of Attraction together to attract whatever the hell you want for FREE.⠀

On Wednesday 23 I'm holding this free Masterclass and teaching your EXACTLY how I combine EFT and Law of Attraction that has allowed me to attract everything I have set out to attract.⠀

Link in bio

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