Idk about you but I loveee bad quality!1!1!1 The only blondes for me thanks also hi I’m alive barely
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Guess what this is?!? A 'cluster' of juvenile Ladybugs! Happy to see them again, really hope the cleaners don't remove them, so they can grow up and fly away!
. Sorry for the crappy enlargment 》>2.
#ladybugs #kloveniersdoelen #monumental #monument #middelburg #zeeland #walcheren #lieveheersbeestjes #pimpampoentje #juvenile

🐞 Can you see it? A beautiful little, red lady bug. The landscape may be dry, but life continues to thrive. 😁 Big picture is often stressful and induces unnecessary anxiety. It's crazy how something as small as a little lady bug can put a smile on our faces. 💚 While we stress about or future, and we stress about our past, it's funny how 99% of the time right now is perfect. 💆‍♀️Nothing is truly wrong in this moment. You're alive, breathing, and free from harm. Right now is a good moment. 😊 These moments happen all the time. Just don't lose sight of them. 🍃

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