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I had one view of my debt free life and so far, it's been nothing that I had expected. My views of spending has changed so much. What will you do once you are debt free? .
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In all things, proceed with passion.

The key to not being a commodity begins by being seen as different and more than anyone else – more valuable – more unique – more comprehensive – more whatever – fill in the blank to what you want.
Feeling blessed that my first book has opened up many doors for Star and continues to make my dreams come true. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey. More exciting news to come! ❤️

I may look concerned but really I’m just soaking in all the inspiration from our guests @____gk_____ & @amanodior! Listen to the newest episode of @theglowupcast, available on iTunes or the shows bio link ✨
#GIRLPOWER #ladieswhohustle #trypod #podcast #seattlepodcast

happy december! last week, so many of you voted YES to seeing a DIY post of these dip dyed gift tags, so i’m giving the people what they want 😉 click the link in my bio to see how to make these and some ways to personalize them too! happy gifting!

In Atlanta for the weekend enjoying Millions Conference #HappyFriday


Just a few more weeks until @thepoloparty 🎉🐴🎉#scottsdale #bentleypolochampionship #ladieswhohustle Tickets: www.thepoloparty.com

Night out with my Ethiopian ladies.. #ladieswhohustle #ladiesnight #friendshipknowsnoboundaries


Free yourself of your panties! It’s Saturday - relax. #freethepanty #carralifestyle #carrahosiery

I had one view of my debt free life and so far, it's been nothing that I had expected. My views of spending has changed so much. What will you do once you are debt free? .
Click link ⬆️ in bio for full 🎥.

Yes I Can, Yes You Can, Yes We Can! #ladieswhohustle #girlswhohustle #womenthathustle #shecanhustle

You know what scares people? Success!When you don't make moves and don't climb the ladder everybody loves you because you're not competition😎. But lemme remind them that winning is my protocol cause I score before I ever throw the ball 🤙🏾
I love how people are inspired by each others craft but the no.1 rule to successful entrepreneurship is innovation not copy & paste! Be confident in what you do and represent, to ensure your building an unbreakable foundation for your growing business 💯

The main perk of having my own business: I can work from anywhere ⭐️ Where do you love working from? ⭐️ In the mornings it's mostly from bed for me & afternoons I like to spent behind my desk or in a coffee shop #FGcreative

It may be daunting to set a long term goal that spans over 12-18 months to certain amount of money. If so, try thinking of how much you want to save in just the next three months. It'll be an easy win! #focusedspender

For today’s #featurefriday I want to talk about the amazing @michelle__mcgrady . Her feed is so stunning and colorful, it is an absolute joy to follow her. She is magic!

Who is one of your favorite female photographers?? Share the love in the comments.
#ifillofficial stands with women who stand with each other 👑

See you can do it yourself but you can also save yourself the time, money, and stress and let me help you.

This week’s recommended reading for all our ladies out there.

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

This should be titled money mistakes because it was such a mistake to sell! 🙁 I only earned $10/share. I'm still not sure what the lesson learned was, lol. #focusedspender

It’s real. It happens. I don’t care who you are. At some point in time you have or will deal with Imposter Syndrome.
The best defense is to keep in the forefront and acknowledge to yourself all your achievements and successes. YOU did that, you are NOT a fraud or imposter ❤️

As we head into the holiday season be careful of how you spend your money.💵Buying gifts 🎁🛍that you will still be paying for long after the kids stop playing with them (a good 2weeks in my house) It's not worth it and it's the opposite of building wealth.

My girl @michdoh 💁🏼told me the best way to stay on your toes is to kick adversity in the ass 👊🏾 so just wanted to pass this along ✨ #tuesdaymotivation

Brunch time around the corner... reserve your spot! #ladieswhohustle

You know what they say, action speaks louder than words. #focusedspender

process + tools 🌿🐳🕺🏻
pretty pastels from Sunday’s Christmas card printing!

Getting ready for 2018 goal setting and habit planning. Success takes time and the hardest part of it is pressing on believing what you see will come to fruition. What are you dreaming and planning for 2018? #fashioningafounder

Be yourself because it is the most beautiful thing that you can be!💜👑

Right now I want you to stop and repeat after me (Out loud!) - “ I am (Your name)
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I am beautiful inside and out.
I see the gold in everything and in everyone.
I am strong and independent.
I may have a tough shell but I don’t have a hardened heart.
My joy does not come from people around me or unfortunate circumstances.
My joy comes from God and my joy overflows.

New 🎥 Alert!! Today I'm talking about my experiences after I became debt free. From a feeling of loss, to being a bit scattered about my money, to finally getting my act together. .
The link is ⬆️!

I love portraying my "beings" in both 3d and 2d. In sculptural form they convey various emotions in different lights. Especially in the shadows, they seem to summon you.. why I called this series "A Summoning". Parted with the purple one yesterday💕💜


🙌🏽 I raise my 4 daughters this way too .. always be independent never depend on nobody .. just do what you gotta do but do with morals #raisingdaughtersright #selfworth #ladieswhohustle #dontdependonaman

My name is Kelly and I'm addicted to Instagram 📲 .... but I'm also a Social Media Manager so it can't be that bad right 🤷🏾‍♀️

Sorry I keep not posting!😩😱 I am on vaca right now and when I get back I will start posting more often, again.... I will still try to do it as often as possible I just think family should be a priority and business second. Thanks guys, ilysm💜 #Queens

I couldn’t agree more. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
When you break it down, social media is about connecting, engaging and building relationships online. It’s no different than networking in person. Catch that 🤔🤔🤔 Yes, there are TONS of apps that allow you to connect with others across the world BUT the act of being social falls on you. 😮🙂 You can have every tool and app available to enhance your profiles but if you are not intentionally talking, sharing and having conversations, those neat tools do you no justice 😔

Be great & socially savvy online 😘

Doing some train ride hustle reading. Best gift from @cassiepope__ !

Put on for those who put on for you ! #loyalty #lastofadyingbreed #ladieswhohustle

When I work on a job for so long - and get a system of work in place I don't know about anyone else but for me it becomes something very dear to my heart. I take care, time and pride in delivery very high standards (even though my experience is limited this is no excuse) - so when I see mistakes that could have easily been avoided a sense of protection grabs me - like the job is my child lol. #takecare #slowandsteadywinstherace #qualitynotquanity #standardsashighasmyheels #cncmachining #cncmachinist #cncmistakes #cncmilling #femalecnc #ladieswhohustle #ladieswhoengineer #girlpower #femaleempowerment #ificandoityoucandoit #nothingisinpossible #dreams #ambition #breakingthemold

Working on some new stuff for my MYZ fam on IG. So listen, I don’t normally do lives, kinda not my thing I’m more of a writer 😁
But I’m going to step out of the box and test this IG live thing out 🤔
I’ve got some things to share about this purpose walk 😩 warning though... there may be a few cuss words (cause the sh*t is hard y’all) 🤷🏽‍♀️😂
Stay tuned 😃

✨SALE alert!✨ if you’re looking for some under $20 gifts for friends or family, these art prints are the perfect pieces for them to brighten up their walls with! i’m putting my art prints on sale for 20% off starting today! use code GIFTPRINTS at checkout! // only applicable to art prints on graceniu.net. sale ends 12/13 at 11:59 cst. click the link in my bio to shop! ❤️🎄🎁 #christmasgiftideas


Don’t forget 👆🏻

Many people want to do the right thing and just pay the debt off.... However you need to have a strategy in place on how to maximize your Credit Score.

GUESS WHAT! this wedding suite is in the top ten of @cardsandpockets Invitation Design Contest! 🙌🏻🎉🤩 & now I need your help to get it in the top 3 (or even the WINNER!) 🔗 the link for voting is in my bio!
I am listed as my name (Shana Wanco) under Professional Finalists.
✨ one color navy letterpress • calligraphy by @leenmachinecalligraphy • artwork & monogram by @milespurvisart (who is also the bride!) • envelopes from @cardsandpockets

In case you missed it, the all new focusedspender.com is now live! The link above will take you there. #focusedspender

I'm a thinker🤔... sometimes this is a great quality to have and other times it can be a burden. .
Overthinking may seem as if you are prepping to be as prepared as possible... but truth be told, you merely remain 'in your head' with those thoughts. Making no progress! .
I often have to tell myself "it doesn't take all day for anything". So make whatever decision and live your best life.... chances are the first thought is the best one😉 .

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Make your passion your paycheck and you'll never work another day in your life!
As a part-time entrepreneur for two years now , I can honestly say the journey has been challenging but totally worth it! Being able to help others build their dream businesses through social media marketing using my skill set is no better feeling ! And as my favorite business expert @caydencayconsulting would say full time entrepreneur ain't for everybody but part-time entrepreneurship is! If you are a #creative why not give it a try what do you have to lose ? 🤔Click the #linkinbio to learn more about why #creativeentrepreneurs are winning RIGHT NOW!

a “not really our crowd” art gallery turned into fun, real life, genuine convo when Toto & I met @cbozthepoetess ! glad we could make it to see her amazing doc viewing. look forward to seeing more ✨ (hbd too girl) #LadiesWhoHustle #OneOfUs

New 🎥 Alert! Link ⬆️ in bio! Today I'm sharing with you a practical tool to manage your cash flow and INCREASE your savings. #focusedspender

#Repost @bellenbae
LADIES WHO HUSTLE! Come join us for brunch, speakers, and shopping. Lots to talk about! From business of fashion, how to manage personal life, being a single mom, owning a business, finances and more. See you Jan 28th! 😍 #bellenbrand #ladieswhohustle

LADIES WHO HUSTLE! Come join us for brunch, speakers, and shopping. Lots to talk about! From business of fashion, my design process, how to manage personal life, being a single mom, owning a business, finances and more. See you Jan 28th! 😍 #bellenbrand #ladieswhohustle

Amazing meeting with the #BellenBae Boss Lady @bellenbae while in LA. Entrepreneurship, barrier breaking, defying gravity & looking amazing while doing it ALL! Can not wait to shop @bellenbrand at the #HustleMarketplace and hear more about her and the other #LadiesWhoHustle speak! LOS ANGELES grab ya tickets, and bring ya bestie. It’s lit 🔥 1/28/18 @wlosangeles | @ladieswhohustle_ #Hustle #HappyHealthyAndHustling #MotivationMonday

Over on the blog I listed four books that will help you put your focus back into your side hustle. -
Add them to your list!

did you see me print live yesterday here on Instagram?! 🤷🏼‍♀️🎥 these gift cards for the @thesupinestudio were on the press & are making their way to people in need of a massage! ☺️ the live story is still up in my profile for a few more hours - go check out the full letterpress process!

After all the food and wine this weekend at holiday parties - starting my week off right with a little yogurt bowl👇🏼
Homemade almond and cherry granola
Hemp hearts
@rollingmeadowdairy yogurt (added in @genuinehealth fermented vanilla powder)
Lil’ maple syrup .
And it looks like Christmas! With the balance of proteins, healthy fats and berries will keep me going all morning long!
Happy Monday
#glutenfree #feedfeedglutenfree #rbnMORNINGS #eeeeeats #inspo #motivationmonday #nobread #ba #reset #foodporn #foodphotography

I personally use mypoints.com and have earned thousands of points just with my day to day shopping. So I don't feel the need to use my credit card just to earn points. #focusedspender

Wish I never ever ever told you things
I was only only trying to show you things
I know you're sad and tired,
You've got nothing left to give, but I promise you'll get over it .
#selfcare is more than just buying candles and bath bombs to temporarily put you in a state of euphoria. It is about knowing your limits and boundaries so when people arise with the BS know how to work through them instead of being defeated 😕. My biggest setback is that I'm a selfless person so I tend to be very sensitive, over analyze, and give people &things way too much of my energy ! So this week I'm going to work on listening more and speaking less #actionsspeaklouderthanwords What are some things you do for self care outside of beauty ? 👇🏾#selfcaresunday

Got the Double with Two Award Wins in one day! What an amazing way to end the year, @forwardladies National Young Entrepreneur of the Year and SME Young Person in Business, still pinching myself. There have certainly been ups and downs this Year and Couldn’t have done it without the amazing @mattfordcn ❤️ and my incredible @creativenaturesuperfoods team! There going to be in for a treat for the Xmas party!! Thank you to everyone that has supported along the way, cannot wait to get our free from Superfood snacks to even more people!

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