Looks like fun @andreabntzz 📲: @polloraw

Excited to see what the future holds for @beatricedomond her style is everything ✨ @beatricedomond -“When I was little all I wanted to do was to come to newyork city , get a “coffee”, go to someone’s sick art show and do flat ground tricks in a row... doing it haha” 📽 @cuinterson

Happy birthday, @_lexibriggs! Have a good one and keep ripping! @friend_ship_skateboards -“Congrats on crook transferring from 16 to 17. Frontside for your 18th?” ✌️🎂

Miss these little pushes so much. Back at my old physio training center and knee test shown my hamstring is 30% less capable compared to my right leg, which has always been a problem ever since I got #arthrofibrosis but I’m sure I will be back to where I was strength wise for my knee at the point I was at previously. Even though that point still sucks and my knee still hurts daily especially during certain activities. But pushing myself to try to get the most out of this shitty knee. ✌️ #summervibes with @dideverkerk #tb

Proud and stoked on this video @kimbutter and @nanyesss put together! Called “15 Reasons Why A Woman Is Better Than A Beer”! Go check the full video 😁 link is in our bio 👆
Thanks to @creatinglines2018 the video premiered during the exhibition 🙌
Watch it now @ontherollmag
Skaters in this clip @licker_of_eyeballs , @camillerichardsonn , @rooszwettie @kimbutter @amber.beerens , filmed by @hashtagsven1994
Also starring @fleurborn @passien @negaraf @chefspeciaal & more!!

Still gettin’ it. ⚡️💀🤘🏼

Go get this amazing new grip 😍🌹 from @mobgrip
🎯 @laceybaker 🎯 Pro Clear Graphic Mob sheet available now! 📸: @eliasparise #TheGrippiest

Winner of the @vansparkseries that went down in Cape Town @suzysnakes 🔥👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 📷 @clintvdschyf @mynameisgrant_

Candy Jacobs from Holland won the Women Street at the WCS @wcsmoscow event this weekend. Captured by: @sergeyfedin1972 @candy_jacobs

@go.skateboard.girl killin’ it !!!😛🌀🤙💙

@Regrann from @ariadne_skt - Sexta colocação no @oistuopen, um final de semana incrível competindo em Sapiranga - RS, com a presença dos meu pais e amigos! Grata por toda vibração positiva da galera!! ❤️🙌🏻 | #elenão #skate #skateboard | @growcompany @early_sb @qixskate @bugretattoo @achievelanguages_gravatai @stormsbr | FOTO: @ANAIRAMDELEON

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