Our herd settling in to their new home!

Thank you Arion Horse Transport for getting us moved in safe and sound!

The worst time to train your horse is when you need to get something done! -We talking about this in all #equihealthfirstaid classes! Probability says if you NEED something done, and you haven't prepared, things won't go smoothly.
Whether administering medication, hosing a wound, or loading in an emergency, you need to be confident that you can work with your horses to get whatever situation handled smoothly, safely, and without stress.

We started our hauling day with a small two-horse trailer. The horses wanted none of it, spoiled by the spacious trailers we've been using the past year.
A couple hours in, and the horses were as frustrated as we were. I couldn't stop imaging the scenario had we been evacuating, or needing to drive to the vet.
We were convinced of the trailer's safety, having had recent work on the structure, and a full mechanic inspection prior to our move. However, the horses were unsure.
Instead of trying to exacerbate the unpleasant situation, we were fortunate to hook up with my favourite hauler who happened to be going through the area with an empty trailer.
The horses arrived happy, and we now have plenty of time to learn to load in a small trailer, without any stress or timeline.

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Fun times up in the Cariboo! #cariboo #laclahache #damnskeeters

I can't put to words how perfect our stay at this cabin was, so here's a few pictures 🌲🍁(the first one including a dog, which makes this place even more perfect 🐶). #beautifulbritishcolumbia #laclahache #helenalake

Not much water for a waterfall but still beautiful! 🌿

On the right are Kokanee from Lac La Hache. On the left are Rainbow from my new favourite fishing spot. Both delicious, but the rainbow makes you earn that catch. #kokaneesalmon #rainbowtrout #GarysSecretSpot #bestkeptsecret #laclahache #cariboo #fishing #fightingfish

So incredibly excited to watch my sister get married today! ❤👰
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#우리어머님작품 💁🏼
Look at the cool artwork in the picture . 🎨
I am proud of mom !!😻

On Sunday evening I had the distinct honor of witnessing and documenting 📷 dear friends getting engaged! 💍
Congrats Ryan & Amanda!💕 Surrounded by a gazillion mosquitoes 🌪 and who knows what else, bear scat 🐻 not a stones throw away I emptied half a bottle of bug repellent and cloaked myself in camo fabric to become the forest. Armed only with my Nikon D500 and 70-200mm and an 85mm lens I hid in wait... And then we did a fun little engagement shoot, which is what this image is from
I. Am. The Engagement Ninja. 😎

I'll be writing a blog in the next couple weeks about it so make sure you are following my photography page!

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Had an awesome short road trip up to Timothy Lake in #laclahache to see Justin and Shannon get married..thank you to the both of you for inviting us to your special day and we were so happy that everything went according to plan.. even the rain stopped for you guys!! Was an amazing wedding, we had a great time and we couldn’t be happier for you two!! #congratz 🍷I hope it was ok to share a couple of the pics from your wedding 😬 #wedding #roadtrip #iphone7plus #lifeisbeautiful

Love this person more than anything. Also doing that thing where I show my teeth.
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