Cone of shame for Oscar after he stepped into glass and cut his paw 🐾 I guess our hiking trip this weekend is cancelled #coneofshame #nohikingforyou #poordoggo #talesofalab #labradorretrieversofig #labs_of_ig #dogsofinstagram #dogsthathike

Cause we’re the three best friends that anyone could have 🎶😍

Is that a squirrel??... oh no we live in Australia there are no squirrels 😂 it’s just a rat 🐭

to when I was just a whittle thing 🐶❤️
Credit by: @lifeofhurricanehugo

Olive and I would love some prayers for her eye. ♥️😪 the vet sedated her yesterday to examine her whole eye, and he can’t find anything causing this. So she’s got eyedrops and a check up next week. If it doesn’t look better we’ll have to go to a doggy ophthalmologist and we do NOT want that! 😓 she’s such an active puppy, there’s no telling what happened 🤦‍♀️ anyone have any experience like this? Olive is my first lab, I’m not sure what to look for like I did with dachshunds so I would love some advice! ♥️🐾 #labsofinstagram #labstagram #chocolatelabsofinstagram #labs_of_ig #labpuppy #vaccum #loudmonster #poorbaby

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