Promotions last week @themmalab. Really proud of how far I've come since March. Big thanks to my awesome coaches @castironcasey and @bobby_thewlfmn for all they do for us! #jcbjj #mmalab #labrats #definethefight #mycoachesarebetterthanyours

Its almost where I want it, minus the sound proofing. #GWORecords #StudioJunkies #ArmageddonHipHop #Abelton #Protools #Logic #LabRats #RevelationStudios

New LAB RATS drop this Friday.... I will also have new characters maybe this Friday or next ... maybe...lol ...#vinichavtoys #minifigures #vectorart #labrats#minifigures #resintoy #resin #designertoys #resinfigures #littlemonsters #creatures #littleresinguys

The Formula aka Paul Hudson (pictured laying ball up- @dartmouthcollege commit) was in LABCITY getting his skillwork in last night. #WeBeSkillin #LabRats #GetBucketsGang

the better pairing 👏🏻💕
i’m just gonna flat out say it. i have never shipped skoliver. i think oliver is wasting his time trying to get affection from skylar. i mean, yeah, they do have their cute moments... but skylar was never that into oliver, and its not hard to tell. yeah, i know she said that she liked him back... but... not in the way oliver loves her. now, on the other hand, too many people are sleeping on kaziver. have skylar and oliver ever onscreen said that they loved each other? no. and can i just mentioned... both ship names were said aloud in the show, when kaz was being all jealous of oliver spending time with skylar. “hello skoliver, goodbye kaziver.” - oh, and let me throw this out there. kaz even once said, “oliver would make a great boyfriend! i would date him right now if i could, but, i can’t, because i just got out of a relationship.” - mkay. mkay. i see a way more stanworthy ship than skoliver, eh?

oliver deserves all the happiness in the world💘💕💗💓
he’s been my favorite character from mm/lref for as long as i’ve been watching them. he’s way too underrated, and it kills me. he’s strong, loyal, caring, and so many other great things, but hardly anyone ever appreciates him. plus, he’s such a cutie uwu💗

jake short 💘💓💗💕
i have been in love with him since i watched him on a.n.t. farm for the first time, which was about six years ago. he’s just so precious, and honestly the cutest. i love him so much❤️

the rise of five 👊🏻
one of my favorite episodes of lref. considering it’s one of the only ones with decent action, yeah. i love it. although i’d have to say my very favorite is “game of drones” for some reason. maybe i just love the fact that oliver is all jealous of kaz and chase in the same way kaz was jealous of him and skylar. i do also love “holding out for a hero” and “the intruder”, though.

i love this cast so much💘
q: favorite cast member?
a: mine has always been jake short:)💗

i ship kaziver so much omfg💓
story time: this is how, when, and why i started shipping kaziver. i was thinking to myself one day, what tv shows were i into when i was younger? a lot came to me. good luck charlie. a.n.t. farm. lab rats. lab rats: elite force. then... i thought of mighty med. remembering that it had used to be one of my favorite shows, i thought to myself, “i’m gonna rewatch it!” - i remembered that it had been on netflix, so, naturally, that’s where i went. i was really sad to discover that it wasn’t there anymore. i was really disappointed, and even tried suggesting to netflix to put it back on (that was exhausting, lmao), but i was out of luck. i started just looking for edits here on instagram, but i only found lab rats and lab rats: elite force edits, and i remembered that i also wanted to rewatch those. unfortunately, lab rats had been taken off of netflix, and lab rats: elite force had never even been on netflix at all. i was really bummed out. and most of the other shows i used to love weren’t even there anymore either. so, naturally, i went to youtube. i started watching scenes from all three shows, then... discovered some long edits. i found a few that i had watched back before i really even knew what an edit was, and can i just say... holy nostalgia. - anyway, i stumbled across a certain video titled “kaz&oliver | ghost”. of course i knew those were the names of the main characters of mm, but i was very intrigued. now, consider this. back when i was younger, i didn’t know what shipping was. i didn’t even really care about couples or anything. heck... i really hate to admit this... but i used to be a lil homophobic. don’t worry, i’m not anymore. definitely not. i clicked on the video, and watched it. i was in love. i had forgotten how amazing kaz and oliver’s relationship was. i looked it up. the ship name is kaziver. i was obsessed, without even rewatching the series at the time. but then i started to get really sad. i desperately wanted to rewatch the series. but i couldn’t find out how. so, i searched and found a website to watch it for free! (rest in comments)

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In the studio with @itsa24beat.#Labrats

chase davenport 🥀
i used to be so in love with him

ha you thought.
- my mf otp
- this is my last lref related edit going up on this account. the rest will be posted on @arcturixn
ac: woke audios (youtube)
cc: first- leahrremini & second- voidxana
dt: all kaziver shippers out there

I really miss Lab Rats 😢😢😢😢 specially @spencerboldman as Adam😭😭 I want another season of it. Btw Spencer is still cute and handsome😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 and yeah can't wait for his new movie @cruisemovie 💕💕💕💕
#labrats #spencer #spencerboldman #cruisemovie

Nigh shift in the lab.... #metamorphosis is back next Friday...this one has UV Fluorescent Orange... more pics of this one soon. Plus I will be restocking Lab Rats as well #vinichavtoys #labrats #resin #artfigure #resintoy #minifigure

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