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Smile and embrace all your flaws... coz if you don't, who will?
Be happy; I know it's easier said than done but you gotta atleast give it a go.
At the end of the day, you will be your only comfort in your darkest hours. You gotta learn to pick yourself up by yourself.
Learn to love yourself as much as a dog would love you.
Why are you relying on other people for your happiness?
This is my boy Cosmo having a bit of a laugh. Miss you mate, now and always 💕💕 #learntoloveyourself #embraceyourflaws #dontworry #behappy #dontworrybehappy #pickyourselfup #dontrelyonothers #missyoumate #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram #labsofig #labradorretrieversofinstagram #labradorretrieversofig

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