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New hat labels are finally in. They look great! Always trying to provide our customers with the best quality. #lables #wovenlabel #clothing #fashion

While I was out shopping today a very nice lady came up to me and said 'excuse me but I'm just going to tuck your dress label in' I was like 'thanks very much I really appreciate that' - labels aren't supposed to poke out. But coincidentally earlier that day i had seen a girl with the label on her top poking out and I didn't say anything (but I did noticed it and really wanted to just fold it in) anyway the moment past and I didn't do anything. I'd definitely tuck my friend's label in or if I was somewhere with people I knew but haven't yet done it to a complete stranger on the street, but I was happy someone tucked mine in today.... 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️Anyway what do you reckon ladies - are you a stranger label tucker? Should I commit to being one? Do we need to be told? (I'm now worried about the girl I saw earlier- maybe her label is still poking out!!!) I would also like to add that if I saw someone's skirt tucked into their pants then I'd definitely tell them - whoever, wherever they were but that is more extreme than a label.... 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔💃🏼❤️💋 #dresslikeamum #mumstyle #lables #peckham #mango

Big thank you to Impression Art for remaking out stickers over night for @heavenlytreats661 🙆🙋🍍🍓🍏🍉 will be back very soon !!! #heavenlytreats661 #localsonly #lables

Knowing where it goes

برچسب پوست مار 🐍
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iphone 6s 5s
S7 #phone #lables

Repost from @ctmgtada using @RepostRegramApp - I Guess We Can Give Them Another Snippet @cameraricoo #HARD🔗🎯‼️ Ft @story.ivx 🔥❤️💯#follow #like #share #vibes #lables

First in the nation and now first in the world 🌎!!!! Thank you to my whole team for everything!!!!! @its_digit @bboy__neon @starpowertalent #dance #hiphop #lables #starpower #firstplace


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