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Back when all 3 of them we're only a year old. My daughter was born🚼with a passion for dogs 😍 big dogs are her favorite though

2 semanas de entrenamiento y alimentación, gracias Cecil por confiar en mi trabajo #LABESTIA #creatingchampionssquad #CreatingChampions #jesusLopez #7879491504

@ozunabogota Tú lo as dicho , tiempo que dedicaste para tus Fanáticos , y aquí estamos , Apoyando tu carrera hasta el Final !! @ozunapr Eres la revelación en este Género y as dejado tu nombre en Alto Dime @saavedravicente @yampi_ @reme.pr @dimelovi @himusichiflow @vpina1 -
@ozunapr Presenta su Nuevo Disco en Miami River @sonymusiclatin #indomables #feedlatino #music #odisea #Odiseateam #OzunaBogota 🔊🏌️🏌️ #LaBestia 🤘🤘🖖🖖 ____________________________________

You will never arrive if you don't turn the engine on. In 1996 was when the Obsession to be fit started(5'7 118 LB🙄) no social medial, so social group of friend just my desire. too broke too young to be in a gym.. no clue on how to get started, I didn't the only thing I knew sit-ups🙆🏽... in the US army still clueless how to hit the gym so I would buy
Muscle & fitness for Hers magazine and copy what what I saw there.. Then years later got an app this was the first time I stared to notice some baby muscle on my arms omg I was lit so I thought.. eventually I graduated to a trainer and a coach.. the rest was history .. The moral of the story here is at 16 years old, i had a desire and a/o anyone telling me how to get stared I got created..
🔆ps: this is very parallel to my entrepreneur journey


#brutal = Coll Roig Oriental 2.804m➕ Coll Roig Occidental 2.833m ➕ Pic Xemeneies 2.878m ➕ Pic Carlit 2.921m amb #labestia @joresmi que m'ha #destrossat 💪 #roadtoultrapirineu2017 #roadtoup17 #trailrunning #hard


Bom dia especial para quem ficou secando ontem, o dia de vocês não vai ser muito bom. Abraço! #Labestia

INO is for lovers 💘 .
. @chiaraferragni @fedez .

A imagem do Cruzeiro resplandece!
#show #cruzeiroesporteclube #final #champion #labestia #tudoazul

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