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Clarity in the mist is a far greater revelation than clarity in the sunlight. In the sunlight, we can see just about everything. We hardly have to make a double take in order to make sure something is real or visible. It just, is. We don’t need to work at much in order to view what is in front of us. But in the bleak, in the darkness, there is much we will put ourselves through in order to make known what is not known. We will shine light on everything we can. We will move people out of our way in order to see again. We do not do well in the darkness because we cannot see. We are blind to what is front of us therefore we are also blind to what is still yet to come. And because of the unknown, it instills fear. Fear disables us from putting one foot in front of the other. Fear discourages us to find the luminous, the radiant in ill-lit places. So we are frozen to even try. We are daunted and dismayed. However, those who have come before us can testify otherwise. For where there is a fearful unknown, there also may be an unfound hope. Something that is in reach if only there were those to reach for it. And those who have come before us can agree to this simple understanding: that it does not take the bravest and boldest to stand up to the challenge of the times, it just takes the willing. There is no fear greater than the promise of hope. For even in the darkness, light always finds a way to make itself known. Had it not been for my parents, and their parents, and my ancestors, I would not be alive. I believe that if they made it, then so can I. The perils of uncharted territory, the uncertainty of the future, should not inhibit you to strive for greatness but should empower you to seek goodness and advance the borderlands. This world no longer needs the daring and the valiant to lead the way, it just needs those who desire to see the light after the long night. Once your eyes have witnessed the light in the dark, no other light can compare to it. Press on.
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- Sometimes you just got to make the shot happen. Glad I have little to work with and a lot of imagination.

Welcome 2018
Well the year 2017 was a year that brought me a lot of learning, a year of growth, a year in which I overcame many obstacles and many challenges.
But above all a year that brought me a lot of happiness.
May this new year bring you much health, love and peace.
Let it be a year of dream realizations, that happiness be present 365 days, and that love be present 366 days.
Happy New Year

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M.Ö. 54, cilalı tas devri filan 🤔😳🙄
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