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I've been writing more songs lately. Some of them suck. Like, lyrically they're terrible. I'll get to a point where I keep playing the same phrase over and over again, singing the same melody, and I feel as if it's gold. Then I'll try the next stanza and it's complete garbage. But then I'll get to the chorus and I think, "Wait, that rhyming scheme goes well with this chorus theme and that Verse 1 phrasing goes well with the message of the bridge." The lyrics that don't fit into the song end up being changed or erased. And that's what life is like sometimes. Sometimes there's a bump in the road that makes you rethink the journey, in this case a song, and then entices you to question it's purpose. Sometimes, though, that questionable spirit makes you question your own purpose which can lead to difficult seasons and unsettling realizations. But like a song, your life is a process. In it's process it moves and shatters and reorganizes and crashes and burns and rises up again. It is beautifully chaotic. When given enough attention and care it can strike a sweet sounding chord. Do not judge your end goal by bumps in the road. Do not judge your journey when you fail to embrace the process. Continue to press into those weird stanzas in your song. Sooner or later, your life's poetry will speak for itself.🏃🏻🗣🎶
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- This shot was taken in Nashville. The house my band stayed at when we were playing a show there had one freakin bathroom for the 8 of us staying there. And I had two nights of an awkward sleep on a cramped couch. Never forget.
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Honestly one of the best birthdays I've had. Thanks for everything babe.

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When Abraham was called by the Lord to venture into the Promised Land, he did not falter by fear. He obeyed. But that did not mean he wasn't afraid. I believe that he feared the unknown. Even his interaction with this "unknown God" may have been a little sketch. But he knew that deep in his heart the God that called him out was the God who would walk with him on the journey and not leave him for the buzzards whenever he felt hopeless in the desert and in the valley. His obedience was key. And his faith in the Lord directed his every step. I may be crazy for saying this: but I believe that if I do not fear what lies ahead, how can I move forward without calling upon the Lord? Because if it is not for the fear of the unknown what then would instill the fear of God in me? God will move as He sees fit whether in a peaceful sound or a rushing wind. Nevertheless, He will move. And when he does I must be ready, vigilant, and attentive to see that I move as He moves. I step where He steps. I go where He goes. Or I will be left to rot and be feed for the vultures. Choosing to take that step of faith is something of a phenomenon to me. I am afraid for my life. It makes me uncomfortable. I don't feel in control. When I moved away from my home, away from my family, I knew that the disconnection would have a toll on me. When I moved states and took on new opportunities walking through opened doors, I felt fear and I felt doubt. But if the Lord says He is for me, what then can destroy me? Take that step. Run if you can. Ease into the journey if you must. But know that the response to a call of obedience is more important than the outcome of it.🕯🚶🏻
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- This shot was taken at @lpchurch's most recent Leadership Collective. Our Ps. @dwilliams92 led a talk about the vision for our church and @lifepointemusiccollective led worship with some original tunes. Check us out! Link in bio.
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I went to an Irish Festival in downtown Wake Forrest last year and this #irishwolfhound was lounging around panting hard and drinking lots of water. It was a hot day and I'm sure this rough-coated dog tried it's best to cool off when she could. Adult females can get as large as 110-120lbs. She was about 115lbs and when standing had a commanding appearance. This here dog is a favorite of mine and maybe one day I'll be able to call one my best friend.
Happy #NationalDogDay y'all!
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It started out as relief. Like a quenching thirst for water in a drought, rain would fall from the skies as dark and gloomy clouds would hover and shift over STX. It was always nice to hear it, but to see it pour on the dry grass and soak the barren soil was always a good feeling. "This part of the country is always hot and humid. Nothing grows here! I don't want to live here anymore," I would often murmur to myself. The thing is though I didn't want to leave because of the lack of heavy rain storms in STX, I wanted to leave because of the countless rain storms inside myself. Storms of frustration. Storms of confusion. Storms of self-worth. The rain storms that transpired a handful of times were always welcome on my account. They brought in good feelings and a good wind that always appeased my need for cooler weather. Always wanted. But the storms that raged in me were nothing short of violent and if left be would become destructive. They brewed to an extent to where they could not brew any longer and I was upset with myself that they were even in me to begin with. So I left home, no longer being able to deal with the frustrations of a culture I would never be able to assimilate to. To a language I would never be able to reach in fluency. And to a life that was no where to be found. No where to be found where family was; where my heart was. But if Grace has covered my imperfections, Grace can also redeem them through faith. And it was my faith that led me to the life I have now. A life of conscious and relevance. A life I can be happy in and thrive. And it's by Grace that things I lost in my time gone has been maintained in love, like family and friends. So today, I gotta say, I don't know what relieves me more: the coolness of a rainstorm or the fact that Grace has placed my life in a position of thankfulness.
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- My good friend Trevor and I went downtown in Raleigh to take some shots and check out the sites - which we need to do a heck of a lot more. The buildings were tall and the views were stellar. The storm clouds in the distance were perfect and it was a good day.
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"Tu és um erro, que eu não me importo de cometer mesmo sabendo que me faz sofrer eu não me importo"
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Honestly one of the best birthdays I've had. Thanks for everything babe.

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There are days when you must say thank you to yourself for the strength you have.
Going for better days 💜💜
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