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What do you think... they change in these 2 years? #OscarMorales #KyraSivertson #OkBaby @okbabyyt @oscarmorales1111

going to a dance private then out to dinner woooo
follower count: 735
#okbaby #kkandbabyj #kyrasivertson #levimorales

i can't wait for minibug & squish! theyre going to be so cute! 💙💗💙💗💙💗💙💗
@okbabyyt @kkandbabyj #okbaby #kkandbabyj #kyrasivertson #kerenswanson

awe, best friend goals!! @okbabyyt @kkandbabyj

She is beautiful😍😍❤
~ Tag Her??
@okbabyyt @okbabyyt #okbaby
#kyrarenee #kyrasivertson #kbaby


🌟Drawing of Kyra and Oscar 💕 I forgot to colour the nostrils but I Cba to change it. #okbaby #kyrasivertson #oscarmorales @okbabyyt @oscarmorales1111

the amount of hate kkandbabyj are getting on their recent vlog is stupid! ik I may get hate on this post but people need to know that people arent know it alls and cant just make decisions for youtubers who are showing 10-15min of their day! people who are claiming keren was annoying is really getting to my head her and khoa joke around then off camera they'll apologise to eachother!!! 🙄

btw guys keren has changed her username to @kerenswan 💗

we love them 💞 kyra is this gonna be your new profile for okbaby on youtube?
school today ughhh :(

tag them? @okbabyyt

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