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When mom gets a new package, I get a new bed. No you can NOT take this out with the trash. This is my bed, humans. What don’t you get? MINE! Meow! #kylokitten #whatsinthebox #catinabox #notinahat #abox

Ohhhh I’m very excited!!! In 14 hours I’m going to be smothered in snuggles and belly kisses from my main man, Daddy-o! He told me he has been keeping my stocking toy all safe and then posted it on my story just to prove it to me. He also said he hasn’t scratched any other kittens chins while he’s been gone! He better not be lying because I can smell it!!
Sunday’s are for the snuggs but you bet your bottom can of fancy feast that Monday will be all about the snuggs tomorrow! Meow! #KyloKitten #DaddysHome #Almost #SundaysAreForTheSnuggs #AreYouAGoodKitten #BabyKylo #KyloRen #BabyBoy

Dear Kylo, This looks like a perfectly ordinary picture of you casually sitting on top of one of the cat carriers. But I know better. The carrier is one of Sly’s favorite places to relax and as you observed him enter it just moments ago, you are now waiting patiently for him to exit so you can pounce on him like Cato in an old Pink Panther movie or you will kindly watch over his clubhouse making sure no one disturbs his afternoon siesta. I am happy to share that you actually decided to take a nap there as well and as Grandma caught up on five episodes of Homeland, having you both close by dreaming away alleviates the anxiety I can sometimes feel watching Carrie and Saul try to save the world. How calming it is to watch you little ones curled up in sleep, safe and blithely unaware of the concerns of the day. You are the best medicine for many an ill and the sweetest solace for many of us on a difficult day. You are a reminder of all the goodness and innocence in life and we are so lucky to have you. Love, Grandma #kylokitten #kylosgrandma #adoptdontshop #HomelandRequiresACatOnYourLap #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #mainecoon #bingeWatchedFiveHours #AndIWonderWhereTheDayWent #rescue #petstagram #fluffiest #ILoveMyCat

This is my “Mom, don’t go to work. Stay in bed and rub my belly. How can you say no to this face?” She says it’s not easy! She says she’ll be home as soon as possible and she’ll give me all the snuggs. I guess I believe her. Until then, I will spend my Friday in her bed. Meow! #kylokitten #pawsitivevibes #snugglemode #fluffyfriday

I had to take Kylo to a different Petco than usual... and they had a much bigger Star Wars collection!!
#kylokitten #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady
#petco #starwars

over a foot of snow in MA (so far)
spending the snow day under my Sigma blanket and binge watching Greek.
#kylokitten #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady
#sigmasigmasigma #trisigma #gogreek #greek

Just a little throwback to show my mood is the exact same as it was when I was just a little bub. This whole day light savings thing has made this guy a very sleepy fluff face. Anyone else? Meow! #kylokitten #ineedthatextrahour #19hoursinsteadof20 #whatthefluff #naptime #babykylo

Dear Kylo, As you listened to the weather report detailing yet another snowstorm headed to the Long Island area for tomorrow evening, you wisely decided that hiding in this delightful Home Goods bag would be a neat idea. Well, delightful when I purchased it probably sometime back in October. Ahhhh, October, such a calm, lovely, sorely missed month. But I digress. I’m sure I found that the snowy scene on this bag evoked thoughts of cozy wintry days watching the snow fall from the comfort of our four walls together. I chose to ignore the accompanying reality of maneuvering hazardous sidewalks, trekking to the apartment parking lot, willing the frozen car door to open and retrieving the plastic snow brush that would enable me to remove variable inches of snow or blocks of ice from our vehicle. Once cleared, I could begin the 45 minute drive to work, joining my fellow man in the joy of our daily commute, this time on treacherous roads. The point of all this is that I would much rather climb into that bag with you and wait for this to pass. Or for April. I know it’s not a possibility as 1) as much as you love us, you prefer to slumber alone and 2) I wouldn’t fit. So you stay snuggled and warm and don’t be distressed; your humans will head out the door for bread and milk - and cat food - and spring is only 9 days away. Love, Grandma
#kylokitten #kylosgrandma #DontBeFooledByCharmingHomeGoodsBags #MaineCoon #rescue #GetTheBreadMilkAndVodka #fluffiest #petstagram #adoptdontshop #BetterGetSomeChipsAhoyToo #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #DontForgetTheWine #ILoveMyCat

today makes 5 months, 11 days since we moved home... so this beautiful baby has officially lived in America longer than she lived in China. don't worry, she'll never forget where she comes from
#kylokitten #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #zhongguo #USA #ithinkimgonnalikeithere

Dear Kylo, Here you are in the arms of your beautiful Mom. I took this picture two nights ago just after she tried her best to alleviate your missing Dad so much by attempting to treat you to an airplane ride like he does; just a little spin around the living room. Though you were a tad bit critical, I applaud her for her efforts. As she held you aloft, you obviously weren’t as pleased as we’d hoped. You struggled a bit, made a few noises that seemed to translate to, “This is not my usual airline,” and Mom was forced to abort the flight. She loves you so much that her feelings were not hurt and all was forgiven as this photo indicates. Yes, we understand that her arms are shorter than Dad’s but she’s just as sure and strong. Remember, it was International Women’s Day on March 8th and you have one of the best I know to care for you and be your Mom. We can see how content you are snuggled against her. You’re very loved and a very lucky boy. Love, Grandma #kylokitten #kylosgrandma #internationalWomensDay #MomIsBraveAndKindAndStrong #mainecoon #rescue #BeautifulMomsOfInstagram #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #SheGivesAnEquallyExcellentBellyRub #fluffiest #petstagram #adoptdontshop #ILoveMyCat #AndILoveOurEmily

This is my cat's human form. #Dexter #AdamDriver #thecatsoutofthebag #KyloKitten

meow meow meow, you know it!
#kylokitten can be such a Hoeski...
#catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #wwe #wwwyki #zackryder

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