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Congrats to @k.clifford13 & @p_clifford_ on expecting their third boy!!! Now three future LA Kings stars! 🖤💜
#lakings #losangeleskings #kyleclifford #gokingsgo

I love the @lakings players. 😂😂 #AlecMartinez & #KyleClifford being experts at #photobombing. #gkg #lakings @jimfox19

Let’s Go Kings!! #KyleClifford scary vato! #KingsvsCanucks #GoKingsGo

When you get the opportunity to take a photo with a giant Kyle Clifford bobblehead, you take it😍 #LaKings #MyBoys #KyleClifford #13

Cliffy's got nothing on me!!! It's Game Day GO KINGS GO!!! #LAKings #GKG #KyleClifford

Great 📸 of our Kyle, modeling for @pacificrink. Cliffy looks ready for summer! 🔥 But let's hope he doesn't forget about off season training! 👊🏻 🏒🥅 #13 #KyleClifford


Back to the oil holder that started it all. We’ve grown since then and it’s grown with us. .
Did you know we have permanently lowered the price on this guy to just $28? Check it out (link in bio)!

We love angles and clean lines. They are present in almost every one of our pieces. What do you think?

It’s so fun bringing the family in on big orders!

Just shipped out our first bulk order last week. It was a family affair. My dear @cateharringtonclifford was very helpful in designing these temp biz cards and packing things perfectly! It was a lot of fun! To many more bulk orders to come 🍻!

I love the @lakings players. 😂😂 #AlecMartinez & #KyleClifford being experts at #photobombing. #gkg #lakings @jimfox19

Modest haul from the @lakingsgameused pro stock sale today... Kyle Clifford Bauer Vapor 1X Pro gloves, Trevor Lewis Bauer Supreme NXG dressed as 1S (2017) sticks, and the gem today, 4orte Marian Gaborik canvas equipment bag! @lakings #losangeles #kings #gokingsgo #gkg #prostockhockey #kingsgameused #gameused #trevorlewis #lewis #kyleclifford #clifford #cliffy #mariangaborik #gaborik #gaby #rare #prostock #bauerhockey #vapor1X #supreme1S #4orte @bauerhockey @4ortebags

The force is strong with this one 🧙🏼‍♂️😍😂

Look at that gorgeous continuous grain! In case it got lost in yesterday’s final day of the holiday sale post I wanted to re-introduce our newest piece, The Susannah Dean. She’s up in the shop now!

Alright boys and girls it’s the last day of our holiday sale! Which means it’s the last day to save 15% and have free shipping on all orders over $129!
Also, here’s a new piece! Think the Roland but darker :) also it’s on sale too!

Meet our two night stand holders The Aurora and the Maleficent! One is made from Purple Heart and one from the dark wood Wenge. They can be purchased separately or together as a discounted pair. We just 😍 them!

In case you didn’t see our new piece yesterday. The Atticus. A great piece for classes or if you have a lot of oils—it holds 31! Also, it’s on sale for 2 more days! Check it out! Www.kindredessentials.etsy.com

For today only we are running a Cyber Monday sale! Use coupon code ‘CYBERKINDRED25’ at checkout for 25% off! We are also still running our free shipping sale on all orders over $129!
On a second note I’d like to introduce to you a new oil holder, The Atticus! You asked and we listened. This oil holder will hold 31 oils! It’s a beauty and, yes, it qualifies for 25% off! Check it out in the shop (link in bio)!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving week! Just a reminder we still have 5 days left on our sale! 15% off and free shipping over $129! Pop on over to our Etsy shop for more info!

Free shipping on all orders over $129 until dec 1st!

It’s a pretty bleary day here in Portland, Or. wishing I could set the shop up out in the driveway again like I did in the summer. But that’s wishful thinking for another few months. I’ll be working on those holiday orders in the garage for now.
Also, we are in midst of one of our biggest sales of the year. Check out the Etsy shop!

It still 🤯 to think that the grain of the wood tells a story of the trees life. So intricate and unique. It will always be rewarding taking an un-milled board and giving it a few passes in the planer and watching the grain come to life!

Let’s Go Kings!! #KyleClifford scary vato! #KingsvsCanucks #GoKingsGo

Attention Oilers! I announce the release of The Sherlock! It will hold over 40 oils and, made out of solid black walnut, will look gorgeous on any wall! Also look at those copper rods 😍 .
Just added to the shop, check it out (link in bio)!

Sunday night shenanigans ... #kyleclifford #bobblehead #gkg #gkgbobble

One of my favorite things about what I do is looking at a raw board; a piece of crisp maple, a chunk of walnut and seeing so clearly what it could be with some good honest work. I’ve been working on these hex boxes for a customer that started as large piece of maple and are slowly cut down and fashioned into their finished form. It’s very cathartic and also tells me a lot about life.

Every year, @lilmissko always finds a way to make my birthday awesome. Just found out she booked us a surprise trip to Vegas leaving tomorrow morning and got me this sweet #KyleClifford bobblehead. Thanks baby! #GKG

Congrats to @k.clifford13 & @p_clifford_ on expecting their third boy!!! Now three future LA Kings stars! 🖤💜
#lakings #losangeleskings #kyleclifford #gokingsgo

Congrats to Kyle Clifford and his wife Paige on the news that they are expecting their third baby boy in may! #kyleclifford #losangeleskings #losangeles #kings #nhlhockey #nhl #hockey #babyclifford

Life size Clifford bobble head 🏒
#kyleclifford #bobblehead #staplescenter #lakings #lakingshockey

I’ve been working on my continuous grain props. I’m dry fitting the mitred corner of a piece I’m working on! It’s so fun to watch the grain wrap around. Planning on doing some dovetail splines to finish this one off. Stay tuned!

We live our lives in a constant state of ebb and flow; coming and going. As such, it often makes it difficult for us to hold to things we decide to be about for long periods of time. I️ think it’s important we extend ourselves grace in this particular aspect of being human and instead striving harder and harder to make sure we ALWAYS hold true to the things we hold in high regard, we instead work at pursuing things that honor the real us, that bring us light and life. So that, even though we may leave them for a time, we will always come back home to the true, the nourishing, and the good.

Did I mention we offer bulk discounts? This order of 11 Roland’s is for a lovely customer who’s spreading the holiday cheer! //If you’re interested in bulk prices dm me for info!

A friend fixed my teeth to match, what say you? #GOKINGSGO #kyleclifford

The amazing panel at a @loveyourbrain event in #hermosabeach today that included #snowboarding champ @kevinpearce who suffered a #traumaticbraininjury that was chronicled in the #documentary #thecrashreel. #tbi is no joke, #protectyourmelon with a helmet!.
@philimimator #nicdowd #kyleclifford @lakings #weareallkimgs #edcunningham @adam_pearce

Have you guys seen this thing?!?! 😳😱
#LifesizeBobblehead #GOKINGSGO #KyleClifford @k.clifford13

When you get the opportunity to take a photo with a giant Kyle Clifford bobblehead, you take it😍 #LaKings #MyBoys #KyleClifford #13

Well there's something you don't see every day! #giant #bobblehead #kyleclifford #lakings #gkg #stubhub #weareallkings

Would you believe me if I told you I didn’t have enough clamps?? Double this would be a good start!

Get to know #KyleClifford a little before you enter for a chance to take him home. See this life-size bobblehead at tonight's @LAKings game on the main concourse at section 104. More info: http://bit.ly/KingsBobble

Happy Halloween! Our free shipping sale ends midnight tonight! Stop on by!

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