In my experience in the military, I've had the opportunity to meet so many incredible individuals. Today I had the chance to hear some amazing stories from wounded warriors from The Semper Fi Fund visit. I, of course, immediately got tears in my eyes to be in their presence. Out of those individuals, Kyle Carpenter, Medal of Honor recipient was in attendance. He went out of his way to Thank Me for Bryan's sacrifice. The coin he gave me, I will hold near and dear to me because it is from Kyle to Bryan. Thank you Kyle.
PS. I have THE coolest job! #kylecarpenter #medalofhonor #semperfifund #woundedwarriors #bestjobever

Without a doubt the most meaningful and selfless person i have met in my life other than my dad. Corporal Kyle Carpenter jumped on a grenade to save his fellow marine while in Afghanistan. He recieved the Congressional Medal of Honor. That is the top light blue ribbon with white stars. I met him when we took a few ships to Seattle. It was an excellent week, meeting him and showing all the civilians there what we do was so much fun. #usmc #veteran #kylecarpenter #medalofhonor

Day three of being sick 🤒, feeling alert enough to leaf through my new coffee table book by @michaelmalakphotography Michael Malak and sip some tea from my @schallergallery @kylecarpenterpottery mug. Two wishlist items checked off simultaneously! I had the pleasure of a few phone conversations with a very talented and humble Mr. Malak a few years back, just before the book came out. If you like WW2 planes and pinup models, this book’s for you! #supportartists #pinupgirls #kylecarpenter

Kyle Carpenter the 2nd living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor recipient. Are you ready to get the chills?

This ladies and gentlemen is William Kyle Carpenter, A United States Marine who went beyond the call of duty in Marja Helmand Province, Afghanistan in the year 2010. On November 21st of 2010, Carpenter threw himself in the way of an enemy grenade while fighting the enemy in a small village to protect a fellow Marine. He suffered injuries to his face and right arm and even lost his right eye. Carpenter also just so happens to be the youngest Medal of Honor recipient in history. He also received a Purple Heart, a navy achievement Medal, and a combat action Ribbon. Let this man be an example of true sacrifice and love for ones country and always remember that he did what he did not for himself but for his fellow marines and all Americans. Semper fi brother🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 #america #kylecarpenter #freedomisntfree #hero #semperfi #medalofhonor #homeofthefree #becauseofthebrave

Great Master Series workshop with Kyle Carpenter at the Village Potters Clay Center!
Thank you to Kyle for sharing his exquisite craftsmanship! It's my turn to teach the next June Master Series!
@kylecarpenterpottery @thevillagepotters
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This is what a real Hero looks like!
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March 25th is a day set aside to recognize military members awarded the Medal of Honor.
This is one of my favorite photos, ever--
Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter and his mother, after the White House ceremony.
He grew up to be a hero, but in her heart, he's still her boy.
When you save lives at the expense of your own, you can sleep anywhere you want.
"You don't have to act tough, if you are tough."--
MOH recipient Audie Murphy
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155 years ago today, the first Medal of Honor was awarded. Today, is National Medal of Honor Day. This medal in the photo belongs to Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter aka @chiksdigscars I was tasked with photographing the medal a few days before the ceremony. It was nerve-racking but an amazing experience to handle something with so much weight. Carpenters name is etched into the back side.

#sexyaf #kylecarpenter #madrespectandlove 😍I would love to twist his mind like a candy cane

Went to the Marine Corps museum today for my birthday. Kyle Carpenter was there speaking and ran in to him in the hallway. Really nice guy. #marines #marinecorps #marinecorpsmuseum #kylecarpenter #redwings

It was an honor to meet you Kyle. Thank you for your service. Semper Fi! #kylecarpenter #medalofhonor #usmc

I bought myself a birthday present from US potter Kyle Carpenter. So happy with these babies! #kylecarpenter @kylecarpenterpottery #americanceramics #americanpottery #handmadeceramics #studiopottery

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