Queen of flow @rachaelfraser_pilatesbarre leading her Playing worh transitions workshop.

As if it’s not bad enough having the same name as your boss 😂 Sophia Z @sophiazaf 😍Both be Greek Cypriot. Have had my Dad and her grow up living round the corner from each other in London. They went to school next to each other in London 😏😂 And now we turn up dressed the same 😍😏 #kxpilates #thetwosophias #weknowwhatsupp #whoscopyingwho 🤷🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️ #loveit 😘

Just a casual Sunday playing around with planks 😅  #plank #sideplank #reverseplank

Saturdays done right 👌🏻 #kxpilates #kxpilatessemaphore

Hey KXers, our Werribee studio is now open! Make sure you purchase our Grand Opening Offer of 5 classes for $30 and experience our beautiful new studio 🙌🏽 link in bio.

Adaptogenic vegan collagen to feed and protect your collagen! The nutrients in these powerful herbs, seaweed and mushrooms are the building blocks of collagen protein. As we age we loose collagen and everything starts to slide. What we love about this is it’s amazing organic antioxidants and absorbable nutrient profile. It’s natures big vitamin pill for your skin and bones. At the @mytribetype pop up and online. Stress less Glow more . Ax

May have just found my second favourite thing to do while laying on my back 🤸‍♀️

#kxpilates #jumpingonthebandwagon #gonnafeelittomorrow #fitgirl #movenourishbelieve 👧

Botanical perfumed oils ... pieces of poetry, moments in the sun and captured feelings 🌱 only at the @mytribetype pop up . I LOve creating these essential moments... and love their organic nature and connection to this spinning dirt we fly around on . See me tomorrow at the shop And try some on Ax

Flash back to when I worked @kxpilates. Love coming up with new sequences for my amazing clients. You smiles, dedication and hard work are the things that motivate me to keep delivering exciting new things for you ✨
Can’t wait to tell you all what I am working on, stay tuned, exciting things to come this 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣‼️
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Our new KX trainer @sharrmanmaran feels the burn 🔥 Our reformer beds are so versatile, it feels like we do a new exercise or variation every day 💦  Here @sharrmanmaran is playing around with a static crunch series with alternating leg lifts, which definitely targets those abs! 💪

A taste of my own medicine 💊🍑#squatsbooty #pilatesreformer #kxpilates #kxpilatesnewstead

So tonight I gave KX Pilates a shot... Never having done pilates before I wasnt sure what to expect but holy hannah I wasnt expecting my muscles to burn like they did. It was intense🔥Pretty sure my abs were actually on fire for part of it🔥🤯 But I cant wait to get back and do it again on sunday... if I can move again by then😂
I have a pass with 2 free sessions if anyone wants to come along with me and experince the burn for themselves😂✌🏻 .
#kxpilates #kxpilatesbrightonsa #theburn #absonfire #legsonfire #armsonfire #assonfire #everythingonfire #pilatesbeginner #thursdaynightfun

Pop in to our pop up @mytribetype at 97 OConnell st . Organic botanicals and adaptogens. Open Thursday to Saturday With @thehundredmilehome ❤️

Take a look through @gritty_pretty’s #LittleBlackBookOfBeauty before you book your next beauty appointment (featuring @barney_martin_hair in Darlinghurst, @raesonwategos in Byron Bay, @fonhairsalon in Adelaide, and @kxpilates in Glenelg). What beauty destinations do you recommend from your city? #BarneyMartinHair #RaesonWategos #FonHairSalon #KXPilates

Beautiful words from one of our beautiful clients 🌸 We LOVE receiving your feedback KXers 🙌

PART 1 OF 2 ~ It's easy to think as a teacher that your role is to constantly give and nurture others....
Give energy
Give empathy
Give your best self all the time
Give advice
Give care
Give the best class, cues, exercises
Give love, play, excitement and so much more!
The more classes you teach, the more you feel you have to give!
It can quickly become energy zapping! 💤
Returning back to teaching after having my daughter was pretty hard for a while.
I felt like I was running on empty with no more to give to anyone let along myself! I had a choice to either suck it up and burn out up and stay the same or find another way.
I found another way!


Yesterday I added sprint sessions and boy oh boy I feel it. 🏃🏻‍♀️🦶🏽🦵🏽
The body 🙏🏽and the mind 🧠are one... to strengthen one is to strengthen the other, to lengthen one is to lengthen the other... There is always union in the action and reaction... to feel oh yes, the answer is in this body... I enjoy it.

#kxmiranda #kxpilates #ninjawarriorau #polevault #yogafit #pilatesfit #pilateslife #flexibilitytraining #flexiblegirls #strongwomen #sprintraining #trynewthings #loveyourbody #lululemon #brainemoji

Winners are grinners!!! Absolute dream team over at KX Bondi Junction 😍😍 🍾🍾
@localbusinessawards_ #winners #pilates #kxpilates #bondijunction @miltonp23 @tayyeve92 @barton.lana @phoebeclarkepilates @fightingirish442

Mannn I love this place! ❤️💪🏼

Hump day with pilates class 💪🏼 #pilates #reformerpilates #humpday #kxpilates #marrickville #exercise but still miss #barrebodywindsor

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