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In June, 1934 an advertisement appeared in Japan's Asahi Camera Magazine featuring a camera called the 'Kwanon'. The camera was a prototype built by a company called 'Seiki-Kogaku Kenkyusho' and was to be the first Japanese 35mm rangefinder camera in the world.
The camera was auspiciously named 'Kwanon' after the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, 'Kwannon', and the lens was named 'Kasyapa' after one of Buddha's disciples, 'Mahakasyapa'. Unfortunately the camera was never developed and released to the public. The company, operating out of a room in Roppongi at the time, eventually went on to become the powerhouse company that you know as Canon Camera.
This tee is a a tribute to the real OG Canon and that initial dream & vision they had. Featuring the actual logo which was engraved on the top plate of the camera...the thousand-armed goddess, Kwannon. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
♨️Drops tomorrow at the #MelbourneArtBookFair at The National Gallery of Victoria. Open 10am ♨️

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"De origem desconhecida, a mulher conhecida como Kwannon foi inicialmente considerada como o principal assassina do criminoso japonês, bem como amante de Matsu'o Tsurayaba, um alto membro de um grupo de ninjas chamado "Mão". Quando o Nyoirin e a Mão e entrou em conflito, Kwannon honra-se obrigada a enfrentar seu amante Matsu'o em combate. Durante o conflito, ela caiu de um penhasco e sofreu lesões que deixaram seu cérebro danificado-comatoso e sem esperança de recuperação. Pouco depois, a X-Men Psylocke foi encontrada aminesica na costa da ilha da Mão, no sul da China. Matsu'o procurou a ajuda de Espiral, uma agente de Mojo, para salvar Kwannon. Espiral usou tecnologia alienígena para mesclar o DNA e as memorias de Kwannon com Psylocke. O resultado disso foi que as duas ficaram fisicamente semelhantes, cada uma com a telepatia de Psylocke e as habilidades nijas de Kwannon. Mas, a alma de Psylocke ficou no corpo de Kwannon e vice-versa."

Would you choose to use powers that you could not control?
#Revanche #Kwannon

X-men Apocalypse #psylocke #kwannon #xmen


🌒KUAN YIN - Great Mother of China, embodiment of the Yin principle, goddess of the Golden Vail (her womb) and Lotus Jewel, home of Great Father, and from which she birthed the world. Kuan Yin (Kwai-Yin or Kwannon in Japan), the Buddhist bodhisatva of Compassion, is the crescent moon fourth chakra card of the Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck based on the forty-nine scenes in 'The Wizard of Oz'. Card Meaning: SELF COMPASSION Kuan Yin, "She Whose Name Alleviates All Suffering," appears to you with loving kindness reminding you to love yourself and others "As Is"--even though others may not. In this instance rational thought is not required, know you are not only "good enough," richly endowed and capable enough to do so, but Divine. |Narrative “Oh, I'm a failure, because I haven't got a brain.” - Scarecrow
You are stretching your limits of practicing unconditional love, compassion, grace, mercy, forgiveness, kindness in your everyday life, and as a result, experiencing more love as the more love and grace you offer, the more you receive.
Dorothy meets three unusual creatures only a mother could love, inviting each onto her Yellow Brick Road journey with open arms. Likewise, because of the compassion you bestow upon others, you too, are receiving unwavering love and support from unusual sources. (FYI: Although the intention here is not to be a "word for the day" per se, but to introduce the deck, please know each card is prayerfully pulled just prior to posting🙏🏾) #kuanyin #kwannon #chinesegoddess #japanesegoddess #selfcompassion #love #crescentmoon #heartchakra #compassion #tinman #scarecrow #thelion #dorothygale #yellowbrickroad #unconditionalselflove #greatmotherspeaksoracledeck

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I've decided to start Inspire's #GetInspiredPhotoChallenge!
I'll be starting later on today✨

(129/365) So at first she was English and then she got body/mind swapped with a hot Japanese ninja assassin... #psylocke #elizabethbraddock #kwannon #xmen #marvelcomics #fox #capcom #cartoons #comics #videogames #movies #art #artoftheday #drawing #illustration #sketchbook #365project

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For years, the Hand had been utilizing my past as a switch to trigger my inner-rage. They tend to come back after each defeat they receive from me, Matsu'o used to send hordes and hordes of their ninjas; but nothing could stop me from my main objective. Although, I do agree that they have been quite a tiring and tough challenge to me, their consecutive attacks always get to me psychologically. They seem to always go for my weak spots, my past, my old body, my alter ego. I really cannot say that I am ashamed of my past, considering my future was basically chosen for me by idiotic scums who entertain themselves by toying with someone else; but I do agree that there could have been better outcomes to all of this. Maybe I would have had the perfect life, or maybe, I would not have; I would not know. I choose not to believe anything good will ever come from the Hand. All they seek is manipulation, and destruction between them and other organizations. The Hand and I go way back, I do feel grateful though. If it were not for them, I honestly do not know where I would be right now. I have learned from my mistakes, and always end up laying them behind me hoping to succeed in defending not only the mutant race, but also the ones who I call family.

Would you choose to use powers that you could not control?
#Revanche #Kwannon

See my X-Men Vol. 2 #20 (1993) I added on Boxes. You can see more stuff I added at http://box.es/thebribrim #XMen #Beast #Cyclops #Gambit #Jubilee #Psylocke #Kwannon #Rogue #Wolverine #Colossus #JeanGrey #Storm #ProfessorX #IllyanaRasputina #Revanche #OmegaRed #Marvel #comics #firstprinting @box.es

Hoje, no Japão, é dia de reverenciar a Deusa Kwannon.
Representando a mesma energia que a Deusa Kwan Yin, Kwannon tem o dom de aliviar o sofrimento humano, auxiliando cada ser ao caminho da iluminação.
Seu amor pela humanidade é infinito.
Ela escuta a voz de todos, compreende todos os acontecimentos, sentimentos do passado, presente e futuro e, nos ensina a viver uma existência com paz e compaixão.
Em terras japonesas, para invocar suas bençãos de sabedoria, proteção, cura e , escreviam-se os pedidos em papeis de arroz, para em seguida, colocá-los nos altares dos templos.

Muito especial essa data! Que a luz de Kwannon seja acessa em nossos corações. ✨🙏🏻🌻🔮🌀Paz na alma, Paula Cotta Slyrim.
: RUNAS - o Oráculo do EU Interior
: Terapia FLORAL
: Leitura da AURA
: Thetahealing
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