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One of my dearest clients 💥💕😊 @stellastripes!Thank u for your trust 😘!photo taken by her sweet sister @niki.riga!Thank u Girl!!unfortunatelly did not had both sides of legs!!😬😳

Fresh as farts ...on Mr Clayton. I really need to get back on this instagram thing after this almost 3 month lazy-induced hiatus. #handofglorytattoo #handofglorytattoo #blackandgreytattoo #candle and literally a #handtattoo #fraserstreettattooshop @fraserstreettattooshop @kustomkulturetattooshow #kustomkulturetattooshow #kustomkultureshow2018

Crazy snake hanging with a snake doing teamwork stuff to cover up a bunch of old stuff on @admcreative. We’ll get some healed photos later and better shots on the inside. I may have some on the other camera. .
@fraserstreettattooshop #snaketattoo #skulltattoo #coveruptattoo #fraserstreettattooshop #fraserhood #kustomkulturetattooshow #vancouvertattoo

Done this cute girl 💕😊 Winnie from “Hotel Transylvania “@barbarapsyxogiou !!!from an animation 🎥 movie!

A classic one done @eightball_tattoo_family !😊Goodmorning from ☀️ Athens !

Summer time at Ikaria 🌴 island !!To my lovely 😊 client @Aliadriva . 🌴💕🌸Done @eightball_tattoo_family

Thank u Fotis for your trust again!😊Done @eightball_tattoo_family !!

Done @eightball_tattoo_family !!Thank u @freudisalive for your trust!Owl the symbol of wisdom 🦉!

💥😬Another one!!!Walk-in from another day!!Dracula lips 👄 anyone??Done @eightball_tattoo_family !

Cover up done on @madamegingercom !!!🌸😘😍💕 Lovely lady and excellent 👩‍🍳!!! YOu want some delicious yummy 😋 ideas?? Go follow her, and make her wonderful recipes!!

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