Mixing some rad songs with these two dudes all over them today. I can’t help but stare at them occasionally 😂

Gregory tuning our Rhodes to make it sound just right, warm and soulful #sneakylittledevil #kushaudio #rhodes #gettingitjustright

#Repost @ryanfarish with @get_repost
New track just started, diving into bass-land...loving the tone I’m getting out of the @thehouseofkush REDDI Tube D.I. #plugin with my #pbass. 👍 #stayinspired #newmusic #kushaudio #musicproducer #logic #fender

New track just started, diving into bass-land...loving the tone I’m getting out of the @thehouseofkush REDDI Tube D.I. #plugin with my #pbass. 👍 #stayinspired #newmusic #kushaudio #musicproducer #logic #fender

Thanks to @mr_bradsmith I’m completely obsessed with this compressor...#kushaudio #studiolife #mixing

This is a thing I did over 8 years ago. I was 24...
What I did afterwards?! Met my life long friend @thebenhale, became a professional cyclist, moved to Colorado, raced domestic pro, crashed and shattered my clavicle, 7 pins and a plate later I got run over by a car, physical therapy, became a professor of audio at AI, met two more life long friends @imprintstudiosdenver and @joshuaolsenmusic, tried to ride again and couldn’t ever get back to form, met my amazing wife @jonellmae, moved to upstate New York, made a biscuit, got married and rescued all the animals. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Now I mix out of the room between our bedroom and bathroom 😎😎😎.
Yes, that’s where all the pictures are taken 🤷‍♀️🙄

These never cease to amazing me @overstayerpics.
The @blacklionaudio Sparrow is pretty sick too!
If you had a choice of a Neve 1073 or an Overstayer 8776a channel, which would you pick?

Going into day 6 with @strangersinadvance! Tracking guitars all day 🤘🏻

Getting a little mood lighting on the mothership control room for this @jangolives session today.
We ready for takeoff 🔥 🔥 🔥

Added some pm1000 strips and a couple TNC ACMP-81’s to the rack. Thanks to @injured_ear for lendin em! #gearporn

Our Kush Audio sales and demo stock has just landed
#Kush #Audio #Clariphonic MS 2-Channel High #Frequency #EQ for #Mastering
EQ which offers state-of-the-art Mid-Side processing
#KushAudio #Electra 2-Channel EQ
5-band EQ that enables precise, #musical control over the tone and the texture of #recorded #sounds
Kush Audio #Tweaker - Mono VCA #Compressor
Takes compression to the next level. Its vintage, discrete VCA and bespoke detector are married to envelope-pushing controls that allow this box to be whatever you want it to be: smooth & polished or dark & filthy, subtle & delicate or fierce & explosive.
Kush Audio Clariphonic 500 - #500Series High-Frequency EQ Module
Kush Audio Electra 500 - 500-Series EQ Module
Kush Audio #Omega - #micpre 500-Series Module

Honestly, these pres sound too good to not post about them again.. 😳

I love this room and it’s quirkiness. It’s not a typical studio but I’m always creative, never stuck and always experimenting. The room pushes me to do more. The @barefootsound mm27s don’t hurt either 😎

#SquadGoals S/O @paulwallbaby @zaytovenbeatz @blackcardsteveo @rontraxx @flexinfab for pulling up and cooking up on the spot after the show last night. Catch them in #Dallas tonight 🚀🚀 📸: @kptb_

This is the full space. I always like gear to the left of where I’m sitting.
Where do you like your gear to live? Left or right or all in front? Or maybe behind?

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