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Just got another one of the most obnoxious distortion pedals ever produced into the store... this one is an OG though... made in Japan in 1986. Even though it’s commonly known as the pedal responsible for Death Metal, a quick google reveals the versatility of this box. People from Dave Gilmour, to Eric Clapton, to Bilinda Butcher, and even The Chemical Brothers have used this. Everyone should own one at least once, and every studio that records heavy music needs one on hand. Make it this one.
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I've been sitting on this Pcb for some time but it decided to finally... Converge. #converge #kurtballou

#AxeToFall is @converge’s 7th studio album and is one of the genre’s most consistent bands. This effort continues the trend of one brilliant release following the next, all while adding new elements to their sound without straying too far from their roots. At the time, this album was considered their most accessible to date, and I would have to agree. In turn, “Axe to Fall” takes a slot in my top 3 #Converge full lengths, and it began a new chapter of musical ground the band decided to explore. Though the album contains familiar territory in tracks such as the blistering, shredding openers “Darkhorse”, “Reap What You Sow”, and the title track; the exploration of a clearer production and other influences drench the songs and aid in pushing the limits of what the band was known for. The growth is clearly evident on cuts mentioned but also in “Worms Will Feed/Rays Will Feast”, “Damages”, “Cruel Bloom” and of course, “Wretched World”. Those songs in particular stand out to me as fresh waters for the group to experiment with. The band has had softer songs before, but there are more layers to sink into this time around. You might say those tracks could’ve been found on vocalist Jacob’s solo albums under the guise “Wear Your Wounds” as they’re more laid back and almost come across like narratives. They manage to feel very “Converge” in their execution though, and thus giving the LP a nice dynamic. “Cutter” is definitely a favorite as the metal influence overtakes the song and shapes it into something pummeling, yet, still vehemently chaotic. With the range this LP provides, it’s a fun rollercoaster filled with something for old/new Converge fans alike. This variant was pressed on clear electric blue w/ gold splatter, limited to 500 copies, and available exclusively through @newburycomics.
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Sumac - What One Becomes.Thrill Jockey Records.. 2016. This record and band is the Grand Canyon of heavy music..... So much space in their sound....Seriously heavy and not afraid to improvise or delve into experimental song structures, Sumac sounds like like no one else.
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Inspired by #kurtballou at #godcityinstruments, I had a go at making my own with some help from #warmoth guitars. Mahogany body and neck with ebony fret board. Currently running a #fishmanfluence modern but planning to switch back to #emg57 #thuumuk #warmothguitars #fishmanfluence #converge #customguitars

"Heaven was built by heathens". Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain/Eve.
#vinyl #hardcore #converge #kurtballou #jacobbannon

There's something special about gear you make yourself. Built my own Brutalist Jr. from @godcitymusic. This thing is insane and will definitely be used on some hardcore albums! #brutalistjr #diy #diybuild #rustysunaudio #recording #pedal #godcitymusic #kurtballou

Conheça um pouco sobre a história de Kurt Ballou, guitarrista do @converge e produtor musical no seu estúdio GodCity em Salem, Massachusetts. Ele nos contou de forma bem descontraída e franca sobre seu início no mundo da música, o que o fez pensar em produzir e montar um estúdio próprio. O trabalho foi realizado ao lado da @hedflow durante o festival @vagosmetalfest. ⠀
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Monday blues washed away killer album Kurt Ballou Productions at God City just blows me away on what he is a part of and time to do. Skeletonwitch...Devouring Radiant Light ( Blue sparkle of 1000)#skeletonwitch #devouringradiantlight #vinylcollection #vinylnerd #vinyligclub #vinylrecords #vinylandcoffee #vinylonly #vinyladdict #vinyljunkie #vinylcollector #vinylcommunity #vinylporn #spinningnow #recordcollection #deathmetal #thrashmetal #blackmetal #prostheticrecords #godcitystudios #kurtballou

Now Playing. Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind. One thing I’ve always loved about Coverge is Ben Koller. Generally for a band this fast and heavy, the drummer needs a double bass pedal. If he used one, it was very sparingly and not prominent on the previous releases. Not the case here. The double bass rhythms firmly push this album into metal territory. I saw them perform a couple tunes off this at Riot Fest 2016. Jacob Bannon even remarked, “That last song was pretty fucking metal”. But like all Converge albums, the songs are quite varied. Each time I listen to it, more complexities unfold. It’s a great record.

Now Playing. Converge - No Heroes. It’s a great record and the tour where I finally saw them live. They opened with “Plagues” and it’s one of the stand out cuts from the record. What a build up. It would be my favorite if “Grim Heart/Black Rose” wasn’t on this record. With guest vocals by Jonah Jenkins, Converge dip in to melodic sludge metal territory. It’s not a song that should work for them on paper but it’s perfect and one of their best overall efforts. These two songs alone make it a worthwhile buy.

Up Next. Converge - You Fail Me Redux. I honestly had no expectations for this. Odd to think after the transformative “Jane Doe”. I just knew they were something special and would continue to put out good work. Sad to say, I wasn’t much for it at first. The mix was awful compared to “Jane Doe”. It was muddy and dirty. Felt I couldn’t clearly hear what they were doing. After I got over that initial reaction and just listened to it more, I fell in love with it. I mean, as a hardcore fan, how could you not like “Heartless”? And once again, the title track is my favorite. They also don’t repeat or try to out do themselves with “You Fail Me”. Only thing they repeat is their uncompromising vision of who they are and where they are at.

Up Next. Converge - Jane Doe. Damn. From the moment “Concubine” starts, you can tell this will be a hard core album that’s a cut of above the rest. It’s pummels you with its speed, brutality and skill. It has the spirit of both punk and metal without being either. Ben Koller has fills for every occasion. Kurt Ballou has riffs to burn and Jacob Bannon screams his rather intelligent lyrics in a disorienting fashion. This album sets a high bar especially with the title track “Jane Doe”. At eleven minutes in length, it breaks all the rules of what people think a band like Converge should be. There aren’t many hard core albums that can touch Jane Doe. It’s the best example of how to transcend a genre while remaining true to it.

Nail the Mix with Kurt Ballou from @godcitymusic was a great video lesson. We worked on the mix of @converge’s song I Can Tell You About Pain 🤘🏻
#nailthemix #godcitystudios #kurtballou #converge #mixing #recording #recordingstudio #soundengineer

Album of the Day - @cchelseawwolfe Hiss Spun. I love Chelsea Wolfe. Her talent is raw and amazing. Her most recent album, Hiss Spun, is almost Chelsea fronting a supergroup. Kurt Ballou from @converge produced Hiss Spun alongside Wolfe in Salem with Jess Gowrie from Red Host, Chelsea Wolfe’s previous band, and Ben Chisholm on drums, as well as Aaron Turner (of @oldmangloomband and @sumacbandofficial) and Troy Van Leeuwen from @queensofthestoneage on guitar. The sound of this album envelops you in a dark, emotional, and complex barrage of sounds. Chelsea Wolfe continues to evolve her sound and while I love her other albums, this one is certainly my favorite. You’re right alongside her during her experiences in this album instead of watching it from afar. #chelseawolfe #kurtballou #jessgowrie #benchisolm #aaronturner #troyvanleeuwen #converge #oldmangloom #sumac #redhost #queensofthestoneage #albumoftheday

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