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Best served with tea: Stuffed with mince, onions, parsley and 🧀 cheese (Baking takes one's mind off all-things related to politics, particularly in light of Mr. Trump's ban on Muslims). #KurdishMother #KurdishFood #LazySunday

When with @kakbaz, we explore. #KurdishMother

What is this bundle of cuteness! Thank you @lilieslondon, these are so cute. #KurdishMother

Chocolate and pistachio bundt cake. Didn't get the opportunity to take a better picture with @KakBaz wanting a slice. #SaturdayBaking #KurdishMother #Cake

The 🎥 of this book was available on BBC iPlayer last week, and the @Guardian called it the book that defined a decade. Definitely a novel worth reading! #KurdishMother #bookstagram

Happy Eid! #KurdishMother

If you wear a Hijab with no make-up and leave your facial hair, you're way too conservative and perhaps an Islamist, but if you adorn yourself with a touch of glamour, you're a Muhajababe — can we get a break already? I really wish more women in headscarves wrote about their experiences, realities, and how some comments towards them are hurtful. #KurdishMother #bookstagram #Kurdistan

This is the type of book that you read on feminism, taking some good points and then realising that our realities in Middle East and that of Europe could not be more different. This is why, I believe, we need our own form of Kurdish feminism that challenges patriarchy while understanding our socio-political realities. #Bookstagram #KurdishMother

#Ramadan countdown: Pesto pasta, beans, couscous with dried tomatoes and avocados topped with a bit of sesame. #KurdishMother


Anne's little toes come with their own set of emotions. #KurdishMother #JustForFun

There's a Chinese proverb that says if you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener 🍓 and I think they might just be right. #Farming #PickYourOwn #KurdishMother

Don't sleep each night thinking that tomorrow's promised. Nothing's promised in this life except death. Stop for a moment. Think about this. #MuftiMenk #KurdishMother #Islam

..."Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever does not have kindness does not have faith." #Islam #Mercy #KurdishMother

Forgive others, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve peace and they don't deserve your precious time. #KurdishMother #happyday💕 #Islam

Style tip: You can never go wrong with pink and white. Classic coordination. #kurdishkids #kurdishmother #kidsfashion

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