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Almost time for another live music event while we radiate from @sitaslight ! Please help Amy Allen and Charym welcome @andiflaxmusic for a two hour Kundalini Yoga class and concert.⁣

Born in the US, raised in Canada and based in Newport, Rhode Island, US, Andi Flax is a singer and songwriter drawn to the healing and expressive power of the human voice. ⁣

A classically-trained vocalist and dancer from childhood, Andi later discovered the practice of Kundalini yoga and science of sacred sound vibration (mantra), which has helped her consciously move through the blocks to allow her to express her highest creative potential, using her dynamically radiant voice. ⁣

She has made it her mission to introduce these profoundly transformational tools so all may experience them. By sharing her gifts with the world, she wants to inspire others to do the same. ⁣

Get your tickets now!⁣
Thursday, June 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.⁣

RSVP to info@charym.com or by registering through @mindbodyonline app.⁣

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To truly, deeply listen to someone, to fully be present for someone - what a gift that would be for that person.
Guru Nanak spoke about deep listening - Suniya makes all errors and sorrows depart.
Imagine someone sitting with you and having all their senses tuned in to you just listening with their whole being and not judging.
Imagine doing that for children! Just because they are small and their interests simple, many only half listen to them, many only pretend to be present for them.
Their need for attention turns into inability to pay attention. How can they, when the whole world around them is not paying attention?
And at last
Deep listening is a process we can take ourselves on. To be truly present to what's really happening in our mind and heart, to be able to sit with ourselves without judgment just deeply listen.
Spread this gift of attention everywhere today.
Sunday 12pm @harinyc
Monday 9:30am @harinyc (yes Memorial Day morning special)
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2018 is the year is the year of manifestation!! 2 + 0+ 1+ 8 = 1 1
1+1= 2 is the year of partnerships, a lot of twinflames will be coming to union, to help humanity reach a higher level of love. The 11 number carries an entrepenurial energy! So make sure you are focused on your goals, because we all are craving more freedom. Economic reforms could be in the stars as revolutionary #URANUS enters taurus, the sign of money and daily work, for the first time since 1942, revamping the way we spend, save and invest. So master those tough lessons, don't cling on the bad side of your situation but rather use it as fuel!! Met your twinflane? Book a twinflame coaching session at yeseniawitcher.com
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Сегодня очень знаменательный день для меня🙏🏻
.Я получила духовное имя ... Мой жизненный вектор изменил своё направление, чему я этому очень рада, так как получила ответ на самый главный вопрос: «Моя миссия в этой жизни?» 🙏🏻
.Благодарю всех моих близких людей, которые всегда рядом 🙏🏻😘
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I am reading this amazing book called "Yoga of the Subtle Body" by Tias Little, and it explores the embodiment and interconnections of the chakra system.
The chapter about the throat chakra is called: Blue Throat, the Confluence of Many Rivers - Which makes me spazz out! I love it so much. The throat is a beautiful and delicate part of the body, one that connects the heart and the head. It truly is a point of confluence, both physiologically and emotionally, between the heart center and the brain center. Our sweet little thyroid gland resides here, supporting our metabolism and our physical ability to express ourselves. Confluence of many rivers indeed.
This is my mantra for the weekend. Bringing awareness to the way I express myself - and noticing the beautiful flow when heart and brain collides.
Sending loads of love to you on this long weekend!

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