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Parents were the only ones obligated to love you; from the rest of the world you had to earn it...
And Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first...
So love and respect them till you are blessed with them around you.

Outfit co-ordinated Buddies... supposedly most Stylish Stylist & Stylish Star..😜 #PartyRagers💯🔥 😅
#arjunkapoor #kunalrawal #kunal #arjun #bff #buddies #besties #stylish

Our favorite place at #Kunal's house to click, in front of the mirror😆 so we all fit in 🤗💃 bringing in Kunal's Birthday with few friends and lots of happiness 🍰🎊🎉🎆🎇😇

Humans....no MENS of ishqbaaaz fam

Well honestly speaking,mens should be like

@nakuulmehta bold n aware
@kunaljaisingh sincere n loving
@leenesh_mattoo passionate n hardworking

Give me the honour to elaborate(promise I won't speak..write too much)plz

So on the auspicious occasion of MENS INTERNATIONAL DAY I would love to explain what men(all the men-ity at large) mean to me
I wonder always,why we don't have MENIST like femists(ohk a lame one but tell me)coz there is really no one else who could stand for mens-rights(just to remind I m not bashing or criticising any feminists or women here..just stating the facts..no not facts..general notions About mens)
Ohk,lets perceive it through a mens eyes(hard I know,but lets just try)
Mens r "NOT ALLOWED" to cry,no matter WHAT
Whether they just broke up,failed in exams or even when lost their parents,they are perceived to be strong ALL THE TIME n thats where they earn respect from me...gurls lets just be honest about this we cry and lighten up but what about boys or mens...they just can't cry coz if they did,it would question their masculinity
Just because some morons gave up on ur relationship,doesn't mean all did n u start bashing the whole MEN-kind..tell me what if some girl did the same,then boys should also be allowed to do the same,why then they r expected to MOVE ON with other girl(yeah I know they at some point move on,but dnt forget REAL mens do cry n feel depressed when detached from their love ones)
If "ALL MENS ARE SAME"then why fathers n brothers so dear,why then drool over crush or male celebrities,then they should also be perceived as cheaters n left isolated
So on this MENS INTERNATIONAL DAY,let just promise ourself to believe that yes "ALL MENS ARE NOT SAME"lets just don't judge n self answer our questions about them but try to be a lil more understanding
Like nakuuls says,,.."thank me later"buoys
N wish you all a very happy(cnt be possible with our messed up women's but hey at the end,we are a beautiful mess,aren't we??)mens international day

#ishqbaaaz #shivaay #no #todayNotCharacters #but #theRealSelf #nakuul #kunal #leenesh #nox #kul #lee #mats #mensDay #sparemeLadies

#KUNAL Rabari RathoD


Babies 💚💗 om n gauri 💙
#omkara #kunal #ishqbaaz @kunaljaisingh

Live🎤🎵🎙️🎸 concert of #Kunal Ganjawala at chitnis park....enjoyed a lot 😘😘

MeghNal first scene is always BLISS to watch 😍❤️ One of the best scene with dialogues 😍❤️ @sangeitachauhaan @saahiluppal0808
Tum please jao yahan se agar kisi ne tumhe yahan dekh liya na toh ghodi chadne se pehle tumhara band baj jayega 😋😂😍🙈❤️ If Kunal was master in one liners, then his TOPPER was no less 😜😍🙈 That's why he was waiting for her YES past 2 years becz she was his TAKKAR ki 😎😍❤️ Babies are best 💝 Miss them so much 😥😥 Love them always 😍❤️ #BringBackSwabhimaan #MeghNal #Meghna #Kunal #Swabhimaan
@saahiluppal0808 @sangeitachauhaan

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