We all reach a particular stage in our life when we don't know what we're feeling at that point of time. It may be because of stressing ourselves or neglecting ourselves before, we will not be able to take any decision and even though we're mature enough in taking any work decisions, it'll be very hard for us to take a decision relating our personal life. We all get hurt because of someone or some situations in our life and that'll reflect in our personalities. But only thing we need to remember is, we all need to do what we want to, creating more stress or feeling guilty or being in a dilemma does nothing good to us.
Worry less, live more. ❤️
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Wish you a happiest birthday ever @moonbanerrjee mam😘💝🎈🎊🎉! Wish you happiness, peace, love and success!! We wish you continue entertaining us all with your remarkable roles and beautiful performances!! Your potrayal of Mrs. Asha Bose in #kuchrangpyarkeaisebhi is something we will remeber for a long long time. Stay blessed and stay happy 😊😘💖💃!!

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