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Vaguess is very famoso, 🍜SOUPs 🍜 supportive in the music community & the hardest working retired man in the biz! LISTEN LINDA if you haven't checked out his current project The Lindas (personal attempt of a fan vid in our IG story) with peeps from Le Shok, FM bats, Rats in the Louve & The Oil Pans they play TONIGHT @thecontinentalroom, so if you're in the ElLay area go watch and see if they actually do break up because we think that's a load of shit! ·

Ps. S/O to @thebait.shop for this recommendation.✌🏽♥️🤘🏽

Vaguess @vaguess_ @thelindas666 "Sinkpisser"
Album: Bodhi Collection, 2015
Sinderlyn Records (@sinderlyn)

I need a 🚬, so leave me alone.. I NEED A 🚬 SO LEAVE ME ALOONNNE! If you aren't repeating this all day during work, then youre doing it wrong. ¡SMOKO!

The Chats @thechatslovebeer "Smoko"
Album: Get This in Ya!!, 2017
(No Label - Self Release) ·


“Deep Shadows, surround me, Oh Yeah, oh yes they do…..” Slowing things down today with Little Ann. Her vocals are piercingly good and crisp, especially in this track. Fun fact, this track almost never saw the light of day and what a shame that would have been. ·

Little Ann #LittleAnn “Deep Shadows”
Album: Deep Shadows, 1967
Timmion Records @timmionrecords


They were considered one of the first all female rock bands AND from the Bay. While we’re not big fans of the “all female band” description as no parts that define our gender actually help in playing the instruments, but they definitely paved the way during the early 60’s and 70’s and knowing is half the battle. Also, you HAVE to watch and listen to the full video as the song takes on different variations going a little over 4mins. ·

Ace of Cups @aceofcupsofficial “Simplicity”
Album: It’s Bad for You, Buy It! 2003
High Moon Records @highmoonrecords ·


Well, if this song sounds familiar, it’s because The Cramps did a cover for their album Psychedelic Jungle. Both are quite good in their own respect. ·

The Novas #TheNovas “The Crusher”
Album: The Crusher EP, 1964
Parrot Records // London Records ·

This isn't a new find, but it still stands up as a music video that if you sit through entirely will change your life. 🤞🏽 Hoping for new tunes from these guys soon, but in the meantime they've also got the bands Insecure Men & The Moonlandingz. If you've yet to dive into their world, just fucking DO IT already! ·

Fat White Family #fatwhitefamily @saul_adamczewski @themoonlandingz "Touch The Leather"
Album: Touch the Leather 2014
Fat Possum Records @fatpossum // Trashmouth Records @trashmouthrecords ·


Once you press play and listen just once the track melody will stick with you all day in a VERY good way. Can't lie to you about that! 👉🏽▶️👈🏽
Soffía Björg @soffiabjorg
"I Lie"
Album: Soffía Björg (Self Titled) 2017
(No Label - Self Release) ·

Creepin into your dreams...sleep tight 💀
Vessel "Drowned In Water And Light"
Punish, Honey 2014
Tri Angle Records (@trianglerecords)

🎂🍰🍴🎂🍰🍴🎂🍰🍴mmmmm...cake anyone?
Jacques "Dans La Radio"
Dans La Radio 12" 2017
Pain Surprises Records (France) (@painsurprises)

💪💪💪👫🍕🍧💑🤘🤘🤘it's all about that yogurt scene and those oh so sweet dance moves🕺🕺🕺
Brown Brogues (@brownbrogues)
"May I Walk With You"
Born To Lose 2013
Ultra Cool Records UK

🗣👂🏽 When we stumble across something good, we can listen to a song on repeat for as long as possible and yesterday this tune was definitely one that stopped us in our tracks. THIS is the reason why we started the channel! It’s obscure, it’s from the UK made in the 80’s and most of the views on you tube are from me playing it over and over and over and over. Just obsessing over the guitar in the beginning of the song. I know it’s another video with only audio and no music video, but the audio alone is worth it and you’ll just have to get over it, cause we aim to constantly disappoint.
Also, someone send me 💯to grab this on vinyl in an auction. I won’t pay you back and no you can’t borrow it. Hit up that DM. Thanks! 😉😎
Manito // Treatment
Stax Century / Manito - Untitled Split E.P. 1981
Canvey Jank Records UK

🗡❤🔫Fuuuuuuuuuuck, EVERY TIME with this song. Yes, please rip my heart out of my chest and smash it to smithereens over and over again🔨❤ Sadly, there is no video for this song and we'll rarely post just audio but what is a day about love without this song? NOTHING, WE TELL YOU! NOTHING!!! .
The Castillians (@thecastillians)
"Come What May"
You & Me 2016
PNKSLM Recordings (@pnkslm)

🗡🖤🗡Let's keep this manufactured, greeting card holiday, love fest going with more Easter, cuz we ❤LOOOOOVE❤ them!
Ur A Great Babe 2011
Ramin Ton Records (Germany)
@breath_of_corn @2phones1cup @music @igerssf

Time to get romantic up in this bitch! 😈Happy Valentine's Day 😘
Childbirth (@childbrrrth)
"I Only Fucked You As A Joke"
It's A Girl 2014
Help Yourself Records (@hyrecords)
@breetacocat @im____constipated @stacypeckwow

Tqvm 4 support us ! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you & appreciate your confidence on us!
#Preowned RC200

Sally Dige (@sally_dige)
"Immaculate Deception"
Hard To Please 2015
Night School Records (@night_school)
@music @igerssf @igersusa

It’s only TUESDAY!!!!
Lushes // Traffic @lushesband
Album: What am I Doing
🎥 Andrew Scheider @helloandrewjs
Felte Records @felte_label
@igerssf @music

Words cannot express how much we want to see these guys live! Better just send a carry pigeon to the band so they know. 🔸
MEATRAFFLE @meatraffle1917
Song: Ndrangheta Allotment
🎥 Niall Trask @thekillshop
Drastic Decline Records
@igerssf @music

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