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Plastic Surgery addict #kristynamartelli dies while undergoing more surgery .
The lady often referred to as the human blow up doll, died after suffering from seizure..

Wasn't nothing but 23 years old... Just sad

Wow! Plastic Surgery Addict called Human Blowup Doll @kristynamartelli dies after suffering from a seizure while undergoing another #surgery.
#kristynamartelli #plasticsurgery #botched (SWIPE)

#KristynaMartelli who has had over 100 plastic surgeries to look a certain way has died after her most recent surgery...

Instagram famous plastic surgery addict, #KristynaMartelli has died during another surgical procedure .Kristyna who shocked many with her butt implants reportedly died of a heart attack while on the operating table sometime last week .
Her friends took to social media to mourn her. #plasticsurgery #buttimplants

👉🏾 @kristynamartelli

#Instagram Model #KristynaMartelli dies while Undergoing Another Surgical Procedure

Do you remember Kristyna Martelli, aka Human Blowup Doll (HBD)? She's the lady who has had over 100 different surgeries on her butt that left them looking highly unnatur

Sadly, Kristyna is dead. She died during her latest plastic surgery procedure.

There had been rumors of her death but it was just confirmed yesterday by her friend, Amy Anderssen. She revealed that Kristyna died after suffering from a seizure during the operation.

Anderssen shared two photos to announce the death of her friend. "#RIP beautiful @kristynamartelli I still can't believe it," the first caption read. "Heaven gets all the beautiful angels," she wrote in the second photo.
Kristyna's last Instagram post was six days ago in which her breasts were covered with nothing but pasties while she advertised the pasties and referred to them as "the best pasties in town". What a pity. #Phoebemagazine

Just recieved very sad news. Kristyna Martelli passed away yesterday. RIP

Instagram famous plastic surgery addict, Kristyna Martelli has reportedly died during another surgical procedure.

We heard that she died of a heart attack while on the operating table some days ago.

The model who was said to have undergone more than 100 different operations on her butt in an Instagram post dated April 10th revealed she was getting more butt implants.

I guess she was trying to get more added to that butt.

#9jabuzzernews #kristynamartelli


KANDY NATION BLOG: The Price Of Beauty.

I am late but I just been scrolling down, minding my own business and I came cross this model on social media, I've seen her on IG before but I didn't know who she was, but ANYWHO, I just found out that she died recently from either having a seizure or a heart attack during surgery. 23 year old Model @kristynamartelli had a botched job on her body after 100 plastic surgeries on her butt which lead to her butt being shaped unnatural. Plus her boobs were done as well. I don't judge anyone, however I'm happy with what god gave me and how he created me. I wasn't made to look like a model, nor be flawless. However I feel that if that's what you want to do to make yourself satisfied, be my guest I will not judge. No one knows how she was feeling when she decided to get 100 procedures done, maybe she was bullied as a child, maybe she had low self esteem, or whatever, no one knows what's on her mind or anything. It's sad that she passed away at a young age. My issue is there is a price of beauty, no one is made to be perfect or flawless. But if you're trying to be like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner or Angelina Jolie (lips), and you go to just any plastic surgeon who don't know no better, your results are not what you expected. There's NO such thing as a "Perfect Body" or "Perfect Booty" or the "Prettiest Face" in the world. My issue is that whoever did her body should've told her "Enough is Enough". Your physical appearance does not define you. Beauty is skin deep, if anyone tells you different is because they don't care about themselves. You are beautiful the way you were made. Some ppl had PS and they look natural. There was a reason why she wanted hers but we can't judge her, it's just heartbreaking and sad that her life was cut short at 23, dying to be perfect. She will be missed. RIP Kristyna Martelli. #kristynamartelli #ripkristynamartelli #model #plasticsurgery #health #beautyblogger #beauty #instagrammodel #thepriceofbeauty #botched

First Transformers 5 , The Last Knight sights here on Puebla , its a shame what we are getting this time , just like 3 years ago☹️☹️😾#transformers5 #Transformers #transformers2 #transformers3 #transformers4 #optimusprime #bumblebee #kristynamartelli #tvazteca #optimusprime

Instagram model #kristynamartelli has reportedly died while doing her 100th plastic surgery procedure. Prayers to the faimly.

😨DÉCÈS DE KRISTYNA MARTELLI???😨 Il y a quelques temps de ça nous vous parlions de Kristyna Martelli qui a subi plus de 100 interventions chirurgicales pour se donner des fesses (plus que )rebondies et une poitrine énorme pour ressembler à une poupée humaine !

Il semblerait qu'elle soit décédée d'une crise cardiaque ce week-end alors qu'elle subissait (ou après avoir subit , plusieurs infos ont été annoncées ) une nouvelle opération pour se faire remodeler une nouvelle fois la poitrine!
Le monde par en c******* je vous le dit !
Elle s'est gâchée cette fille tout simplement parce que le résultat n'était pas beau ( faut dire ce qui est ) et qu'elle en a perdu la vie alors qu'elle n'en avait pas besoin .
Personnellement je pense que cette jeune femme de 23 ans ( car il est important de le rappeler ) était malade ! Elle semblait fortement accro à la chirurgie esthétique !
Comme quoi c'est une addiction comme une autre et qu'il est important de ne pas la banaliser !
Nous préférons mettre des suppositions sur cette info car rien n'a été annoncé de manière officielle ! L'info a été relayée majoritairement sur Twitter et sur les sites americains ( elle est apparement très connue là bas car elle y est actrice porno et modèle de charme 😶) Dans tous les cas c'est vraiment triste 😳 !
#poorkristyna #kristynamartelli #ripkristina #humanbarbie #plasticgirl #tristenouvelle #gossipoff_

RIP #kristynamartelli . I posted about this young lady a few weeks ago. I was expressing that it's a personal preference for cosmetic or enhancement surgery, however please look at the risk and side effects. Love what you were blessed with and try things naturally with workout unless it's a medical reason. This young lady just died during her over 100th surgery due to complications of surgery. It could be 100 or your 1st .. Just be careful ladies. This is getting serious. #rip #surgery #plasticsurgery #enhancement #cosmetic #model #women #ladies #girls

I hate to start the week off on a down note, but some sad news to share that @kristynamartelli has passed away 😢 so young at age 23. Please keep her family in your thoughts today. She passed away from surgery complications. On that note, to the many ladies on my page who've had surgery and/or are planning to get more, please pretty please be careful. There are always complications no matter how high end the surgeon is. Anyone can do what they want with their bodies, but still be careful. For now, let's all stay positive and remember @kristynamartelli if any trolls want to speak their mind, do it elsewhere, not here. I'll be back to posting regularly soon.#kristynamartelli #rip

RiP to this lady she had a seizure while having you guest it another surgery. Please love yourself loving yourself is so important #rip #loveyourself #badplasticsurgery #kristynamartelli #booty🍑 #bootyinplants #boobs

#KristynaMartelli who has had over 100 plastic surgeries to look a certain way has died after her most recent surgery...

More about this girl. She was a popular ig model/escort who became known bc of her body. In the 3rd pic she wrote herself. "At a young age I admired women with big boobs...." this is the point. She started at 17 same age Kylie. Young girls look up to people who society tells them are "hot" and they go to extremes to get it. 1800cc in her boobs?.she had her butt done over 100 times, you can see how kit changed. She was actually pretty before she went overboard smh.. hopefully this will be a lesson to be careful and chose a good doc. she was going to have her silicone removed bc She was in pain 24/7 for a while and finally decided to have it removed.................................….................................. #plasticsurgery #fattransfer #siliconeimplants #implants #cosmeticsurgery #cosmetics #kyliejenner #khloekardashian #blacchyna #amberrose #nickiminaj #columbia #lebanon #europe #turkey #kristynamartelli

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