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Da har jeg fått hår og er klar for generalprøve på #kristinlavransdatter #sel #høvringen #actorslife

Jeg skal begynne å bære sverd til daglig. Føler meg så trygg! Tre forestillinger igjen på #jørundgard med #kristinlavransdatter. Fortsatt ett par ledige billetter til tross for det beste salget ever med @lineverndal Og i morra kommer mamma! @gukjerstad ❤️🐴🗡

Here in America in 2015 on the Feast of St. Thomas Becket (a priest martyred in Canterbury, England in 1170), I'm reading a book set in Medieval Norway. In the book, the characters are visiting the relics of St. Thomas Becket. 😳⛪️📚 #metamoment #καθολικος #EnglishCatholicism #literary #KristinLavransdatter

Feire utsolgt siste forestilling med pappan te Piirka! #kristinlavransdatter

Slik ser eg ut når eg skal spele glad. #kristinlavransdatter #gladlaks #gladkristen?

More library finds from my big move. Even though I keep a spreadsheet of my books, I don't enter data about the publication dates or condition, so I'm often surprised when I'm digging around and I see these. I found these many years ago in Connecticut, early English editions of Sigrid Undset's work, the 1928 Nobel Prize Winner. On the right is Kristin Lavransdatter, a saga of life in Scandinavia during the Middle Ages. The left is an intriguing memoir of life in Norway before WWII, Happy Times in Norway. As the title suggests, it was a happy time, free from the threat of Nazis and destruction. I need to get the Brodart wrapping on these before they disintegrate. #KristinLavransdatter #SigridUndset

Øving i regnet👎🌧💦#kristinlavransdatter #jørundgard


We had a very exciting discovery today that we wanted to share with y'all!
Tucked inside of the Nobel Prize Edition (Feb. 1928) of Kristin Labransdatter (originally spelled as Lavransdatter) by Sigrid Undset were two pamphlets from when Mme. Undset was awarded a Christian Culture Award by Assumption College. Mme. Undset was a Norwegian novelist of historical fiction who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. One of the brochures tucked into the book are quotes from various different and important figures from the 1930s and 1940s in Canada and the US.
Her son died during the invasion of Norway by the Nazis and she barely escaped herself before emigrating to Canada. The award these brochures refer to was presented and accepted on February 19, 1941 at what is now Assumption University in Windsor, Ontario.
As you can see in the image on the right, one of our two programs was signed by the author. As it turns out a meeting was already scheduled with the donor of the collection these items were in for this afternoon. Upon query, we learned that our donor's mother was a huge fan of Sigrid Undset and would have been the family member to meet the author. Our donor added that she remembers reading the book, Kristin Labransdatter, at her mothers insistence when she was 15 or 16. Her face lit up with recognition when the book was handed to her. #flaglercollegespecialcollections #librariesofinstagram #igers_staugustine #iglibraries #marifrancesengelhardt #sigridundset #norwegianliterature #nobelprizewinner #nobelprizeforliterature #1941 #assumptionuniversity #kristinlavransdatter

Kristin Lavransdatter. I tore through that 1100 page tome. Read over every bite of food, every spare moment, every minute from the time the kids fell asleep until the time I did. It took me in, it absorbed me, and now, four days after finishing I still can't shake it. The characters, their loves, sins, struggles, and joys remain in my heart. And grief and longing. I feel grief for these imagined people and their imagined tragedies. Maybe because they aren't imagined, but rather, are cut from the same fabric as all mankind's experience. The surprising fire of first love, the sweetness of a newborn baby at the breast, the sorrow at weakness, our own and others, the regret of broken relationships, the undeniable sense that life is indeed good. I don't know how else to put it. This book... everything literature should be.
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Slowly working my way through this monster this morning, then on to hiking later. #kristinlavransdatter #sigridundset #sundayreads

I fell in love with #sigridundset (U for Undset ☺️) and her triology #kristinlavransdatter when I was a teenager. When I was 16 I though the love story of Kristin and Erlend was the main attraction, as I have grown old (er) I realize that the books are to this day true descriptions of a woman going through all the stages of her life. #atozbookchallenge #books

#AtoZBookChallenge Day 21: U for... The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and the Universe of Alex Woods! These two books have been sat on my shelves for ages but have pretty good reviews so I'm reluctant to just get rid of them - has anyone read them? 📚


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kristin lavransdatter
by sigrid undset

penguin classics, 2005
paperback, 1168 pages

Thankful for the snowstorm that allowed me the time to finish Archer's translation of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. I trow Nunnely's version will be an interesting comparison. #goodreads #norwegianliterature #norwegianhistory #kristinlavransdatter #undset #catholicliterature #historicalfiction #scandanavianliterature #middleages

Lunch with myself (and my book). Delicious vegan salad at systrarna Voltaire. #lunch #dejeuner #vegan #vegetarian #ätaochläsa #kristinlavransdatter

Currently reading...."Kristin Lavransdatter". I'm a sucker for historical fiction and it's a good in-between whilst waiting for the next season of #Vikings. #norway #kristinlavransdatter