Here is a sneak peak at our Defiance DMK22C in Combat Grey. What are your thoughts?

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@the_tactical_vegan had some nice things to say... Thank you for showing some love! [Repost]
Wanted to give a special shout out to my people over at @krissusainc - Randall in their customer service department, especially! They have been awesome to work with regarding my Sphinx SDP Compact. I snapped the trigger return spring last week, as many of us who dry fire a lot do on CZ-style guns. They were kind enough to send me a handful of replacements to install myself(at my request), rather than going through the trouble of sending the gun in for the repair. Some companies are very particular about customers touching the internals voiding the warranty and won't allow anything beyond a field strip. Seems silly to me, but I get it. Anyways, the Sphinx is back up and running like a top, now! Love this thing! 🤘😎

Today we are featuring @lastlineofdefense Do you want to be featured on our IG use the #krissvector2018 [Repost] I bought a new thing. Testing out a bunch of configurations, optics, lights, sling locations, etc. I see photos of these on the gram setup in ways that would never actually work, and it's obvious they've never even shot em... Also, if I was into cosplay type photoshoots, you know I'd be doing a serious Division shoot... #Veccy #krissvector #vector #kriss #krissusa #thepewpewlife #theppl #firearms #gunsdaily #2a #igmilitia #thedivision

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