Happy #KrewdayTuesday to our amazing Krew! It was amazing to meet many of you at the #Krewmmunity service events and get to know more of our amazing family. Thank you Jahan and Yasmine for building this amazing network of beautiful humans. I am honored and filled with love that I get to be a part of this ❤️ #Krewlife (shoutout to @jcmancillas_99 for this amazing design!)

We are #Krewella from Chicago ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #KrewdayTuesday

Mischief managed 🍾⚡️ #krewdaytuesday #krewella #krewlife (Edit Credit: @kaypea_daily )

This may sound trivial, but volunteering with the Krew before shows this spring has been one of my proudest moments of krewella's career thus far. I have often shaped my view of success to be associated with status, financial capital, relevance, attention, popularity, etc.... But I am aware that this perception of achievement is a trap: It has often driven me to be self-involved and disconnected from reality. I think the overwhelming stimulation, influx of distractions, and pressure we put on ourselves to BE SOMEBODY in this era (where we are constantly faced with comparing ourselves to others' accomplishments) steers us away from being ONE with the community. Anytime I feel myself succumbing to the trap, I have to remind myself of how many fans I have met that have experienced some form of healing, acceptance, and purpose through the act of coming together. I have a decade on some of you, but I look up to you so much. Please keep being proactive in your communities, please keep inviting other Krew members to be a part of your local networks, and please keep encouraging Yasmine & me to rally the Krew together so we can all be of use. This is just the beginning of a beautiful movement that I am so honored to be a part of with you and my sister. #KrewDayTuesday

It’s #krewdaytuesday ! How you repping that #krewlife today?! Tag us! 😛

Krewlife dad hat, too high 2 care shirt, and #krewlife tat. Krew me the fuhhh out 🙈❤️ ( 📷: @robert.__.7 ) #krewdaytuesday #krewella

why we love u guys. #KrewDayTuesday

keep texting us! we try to message as many people as we can every day :)

Krewella in AZ #krewdaytuesday 💕

this #KrewDayTuesday is dedicated to all those who showed up at our last min Scottsdale show over the weekend at @mayaclubaz !! the energy y'all had really made our weekend 😍. on a darker note, some of the locals might already know this but later that night there was an off duty Tempe Fire Caption/Marine Veteran who was shot and killed while he was out in the area. was sad and unsettled thinking about the loss of a young life & what his family must be going thru... and also disturbed thinking about this kind of violence in an environment where we are celebrating life- the last thing we're thinking about in those moments is how our mortality could be threatened. so this one also goes out to the Fire Caption who i never knew, but I'm sure saved a lot of lives. RIP Kyle Brayer

Too High 2 Care 😎 #KrewDayTuesday
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Who is gonna crowd surf with us at the New World Tour?? #KrewdayTuesday

25 days left until I'm rocking out with you two awesome possums 🔥💕☇
#krewdaytuesday #krewlife #travelkrew #springawakening #chicagoherewecome

right before we jumped out of a plane together!!! thanks Chris & Eileen for braving the skies with us for an amazing cause #fuckcancer #krewdaytuesday

#krewdaytuesday throwback to 8 months ago in Phoenix for the sweatbox tour where I met some of my best friends. And to think I thought this was the closest I would ever get to meeting and knowing @krewellayasmine and @krewellajahan. I couldn't have asked for a better year with some of my favorite people and I can't wait for what the future has to hold. Thank you @krewella for all the love you have shown us. @travelkrew @seancraigmay @mermaid_party @pala_sun @tizzyfox_ @ashleyy_esther @tynachankheo @bdubs10.10 @cwat92 #thedaythetravelkrewmet #092316

#KrewDayTuesday ! Where will #TravelKrew go next 🤔❤️

Forever grateful to @krewella for their life saving music and my life saving Krew fam. 💜🔥 #thankyou #cabo #krewdaytuesday #family

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