First full week of school and we are jammed packed until Saturday evening! Now that school is back in session we are reserving Sundays for rest, recoup, family time and preparation for the weeks! #cmyquoteoftheday #highschoollife #patientpayton #krazykenny #nextchapter

This girl! Long before I knew her nickname and hashtag Krazy Kenny would suit her perfectly. She is always up for adventure, animation and she is great story teller with her Kenny tales. (Some true and some not) but you wouldn’t know the difference. She has made me balance and realize that the present moment is what matters. Happy birthday Kennedy. #krazykenny #mommylovesyou #cmyquoteoftheday #happybirthday

First day of 3rd grade and Freshman in high school #krazykenny #patientpayton

So Bret says we should get a year activity pass so we don’t have to pay every time. I say we need an all you can eat concessions stand pass because this girl is going to cost me a fortune. #krazykenny #consessionstand #ringpop

Came home to birthday surprise!!! #birthday #krazykenny #cmyquoteoftheday

It’s called fashion guys 💁🏽‍♀️😆 #TrendSetter #MyGirl #KrazyKenny #IndependentGirl

Kennedy wanted a short haircut. So cute and brushable. #krazykenny #love #whateveryouwant #haircut

Kennedy loved another summer at Warrior Day camp. The leaders here are truly amazing godly people. Kennedy wrote her Thankyou to them on her shirt. “I love cows 🐄 “. When I picker her up at the end of the day she was sad it was the last day but Big Ben prayed with her as she left and prayed for her to have an amazing school year. Thank you 🙏. God bless them and their school #krazykenny #warriordaycamp #valleychristian

Can’t buy me love but you can buy me ice cream 🍦 #icecream #uptagatchvaca2018 #patientpayton #krazykenny

It’s been a crazy year so far ready for a break. Vacation begins now!! #uptagatchvaca2018 #patientpayton #krazykenny #neighbors

Packing for vacation is exhausting taking a lunch break. #uptagatchvaca2018 #patientpayton #krazykenny

Your thoughts & actions are what makes you who you are. People either love you or hate you. But you shouldn't change who you are unless idkkk can't think of anything 😉 Fighting online is so stupid. I mean...What are you gonna do? Busta CAPS LOCK on my ass? 🤣 Yeah, I'm still single. Do i want that to change? Of course! The question is, who's brave enough to take me on? Apparently nobody but everybody I'm not in a rush, I get many offers just not interested or met my standards. Focusing on my career and son. When it comes it comes 🙂 #KrazyKenny #nailzaddyyy

One ☝️ likes pictures the other one ☝️ doesn’t. #patientpayton #krazykenny

First boat ride of the season. Thanks Brian. @summerframe80 #patientpayton #krazykenny #skipperbuds

Today we celebrate Kennedy's First Holy Communion with Mass Intentions for my Dad Nyle Hageman who has passed. Kennedy was born on September 5th of 2009 and my Dad passed away December 5th of that year. The 5th surrounds us and a few weeks ago while at my friends son's First Communion I put it together that she would be taking it on the 5th of May. When I made the request with the church it so happended that someone had switched dates so the Mass was open. Gods providence. I am grateful that he is celebrating with us and that my Brother and his wife and Bret's parents are here with us this weekend. Kennedy is so excited and her enjoyment for Communion makes me heart feel of love and my eyes swell with tears. Please God let me keep it together today.. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara. #cmyquoteoftheday #krazykenny #firstcommunion #godslove

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