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Brawa dla Was - tych, którzy włożyli całe swoje serce w doping dla naszej drużyny w obydwu meczach. Nigdy tego nie zapomnę! 💪#VP #kibice #krakow #pglkrakow #major

Dress 👗: @yoins_casualsport

Is this dream? No, it's true! ☝🏻#GAMBIT ❤️ #krakow #poland #PGLMajor


do widzenia (bye bye) #zakopane, heading to #krakow. Till next time.

Pogoda dalej nie dopisuje, dlatego aby dostarczyć Wam trochę dobrego humoru...dzisiaj na podwieczorek prawdziwie królewska TARTA CZEKOLADOWA z ogrzechami laskowymi i jagodami goji 🍫🍫🍫#catering #dietetyczny #fitdiet #warszawa #krakow #katowice #radom #słodki #podwieczorek #tarta #czekoladowa #sweets #chocolate #chocolatecake #delicious #owocegoji #orzechlaskowy

Zostaw ❤️ jeżeli się ze mną zgadzasz 👌🙏Obserwuj @zniebarodem 👌

Campus Miscericordiae os the final challange for the pilgrims. From the last bust stop, we have to walk on foot for (no kidding) 13-ish km to the site of world youth day 2016 final event. The weather was so hot and dry and such a damage for our tropical skin. In Campus miscericordiae, the indonesian delegation got a place near the public toilet :( We can't even see clearly for the nearest videotron. And pope Francis only speak Italian, we have to use radio signal to translate his sermon. At night the weather turns vethe only choicey cold, and sleep inside uncomfort sleeping bag Is the only fuckin choice next to sleep on damp grass and catch cold.

The picture here is taken on vigil night, when we supposed to pray all night long with the pope before the blessed sacrament (no, we can't see the pope or the sacrament). But after this photo is taken, I can only pray few basic prayer, and maybe 'soul of christ' then felt asleep because of tiresome day.
The closing mass was very hot with the sun shone very bright, yet we have to walk another 13-ish km to back to the bus station. Fight with the crowd to get the bus to Krakow city center, then, when we reach Krakow city center, there was a storm that made me wet from head to toe. Yet still, we have to walk on foot to reach another station that will brought us back to sweet little Wadowice. To make it worst, in our team there was one bossy, unfriendly comrade.

That time, even up to now, it's hard to reflect, what God's want from me to pass all those uncozy experiences, but the tired body and aching feet.

Well, after a year passed, i think that's how pilgrimage works, as a miniature of our life journey in this world. Being a pilgrim is not about looking for comfort. Being a christian is never an comfortable choice, and we have to struggle to keep our faith on the track. The ridiculously long journey to reach Campus Miscericordiae, the unstrategic seat, the torturing extreme weather, unfriendly companion, and non-English speaking pope just a 'caricature'of this unending pilgrimage as a Christian, as a Catholic.
#worldyouthday2016 #wyd2016 #worldyouthday #jmj2016 #sdm2016 #pilgrimage #Catholic #catholiclife

На жаль,не мала багато часу, щоб ознайомитись з Краковом поближче,але перше враження : то є величееееезний Львів😄😄 Ті ж самі кафе, кав'ярні , ресторани, і на все очі просто розбігаються) 😱🍦
Це вже четверте підкорене мною польське місто) .
Взагалі немає значення куди ти подорожуєш: в іншу країну чи своєю рідною землею,в маленькі міста чи селища, гори чи море, головне щоб ти отримав щось корисне із цієї подорожі , відпочив морально і захотів повернутись ще раз🔜
Тож,Краків, чекай мене😉

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