; 4am and I still dgaf hahah

the man in the bg with his iphone x is a mood- when u see ur faves but cba to fangirl n so u just get yo camera out (just kidding that could never be my mood)

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when will i ever

; I only get unfollowers here hahahah interesting🤔

; #GN


osacarrr vroom vroom vroom (i cba to download the vids oops) // wow all these pics are so 상큼해 🌱💕

[#winner / #위너] yikes imagine looking this attractive even with this big ass lipstick and kiss mark,, no i cant imagine it either cuz uhhhh WINNER LEGENDS ONLYYY!!1! 💕💕💕 also do you guys like jinwoos hair?? at first i thought it was a bit weird but im actually in love with it now lmAoo (also in case anyone noticed i dont follow winners social media accounts and some other groups that i stan but its cuz i cba lol but i follow on my other accounts tho so forgive me😂😂)
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; I WANT PIZZA but I am on a diet rn,
fuck that😒

~ so as you can see, my Instagram account @officialgdragonn it is gone now.I dont even know what to say and I cant even blame Ig bcz I'm using this for almost 4 years and yeah I guess u know what happened actually but yeah thanks for the ones who did tht. I mean are u feeling smarter now? Oh yeah having a stone instead of brain makes u an intellectual now. Anyway, I got 311k and this is huge.I mean I never tho I will reach that much.Not even a half but yeah all my edits and posts are gone now.So it's like working 4 years for losing it all in 1 second hahaha.That's it. The life goes on right? I'm not sad.I'm just sad that I lost those people who always helped me with advices when I felt down and always being here for me.I even posted more about myself and shit rather than what it was supposed to be but yeah as u guys said "most popular GD account" hahaha for me it doesn't matter that. Damn it, I just wanted to make my account unique and post what u may not see it before.That was all.I didnt care about the likes and views.No. I didnt even ask for a promotion in my whole life.For what?hahaha.Then it's not even called "my work" right?In all my posts U could find different questions not bcz I didnt have an inspiration for the captions or smtg but I wanted to know ya well.Anyway, for the people who doesn't care of popularity and wanna talk, I am here. So, Thank you for those 311k tht followed me and hope u will never forget this boy hahahaha. Honestly I knew tht gonna happen one day.As on Facebook happened same shit.Now I am here watching those who are enjoying so much tht my account is gone now hahahah keep on👌 this really makes me laugh LMAO And yeah for the ones who hated me here and give signs to the IG that I should live my life ; well yeah gracias👌Maybe this was a sign to live my life and not to be alone till the end with the phone in my hand watching idols.And also if u tho that I would cry, I have to tell u that I couldnt actually. I was busy enjoying my food hahaha But guess what? Aint got no mama bcz Lex dont like the drama. It was such a nice time spending with u guys hahahaha so yeah thanks for all and don't forget you can find me here🙏

bless bts and japanese armys i hope theyre all having fun,, oof im so jealous of the people who can go and see bts😂 hoping and praying they ll come to england lolol and if i cant go then uh...😱💀💀 i ll still be happy tho haha

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YikeS is this even suga HE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT WHOA but still handsome as ever 💕💕💕

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