My Kpop boy. Iskandar ni pemaluuuuu skit!
Rambutttt tu taktauuu la nak potong mcmana da.
Tak bolehhhh usikkk lansung.

everytime i see something striped, it reminds me of my husband jimin and then i gotta buy it 😂 probably why I gotta a lot of striped stuff in my wardrobe hehehe 😅 do you like striped clothing ? because I obviously do 😍❤

left or right ? ❤ my choice would be the right, but both are so cute and scream me 😍😂

a summer look, perfect for the hot days of the summer (california chill with the degrees plz 😥)

seems like something I'd wear, I love turtle necks and jeans 😍 jeans I'd recommend for you are @chuu_official 's -5kg jeans because they are super super good!

i want a shirt like this, it's quite bold and mature (would be more mature in black though lol).

another post for you ❤ my second post of my account wow hehehehe I'm gonna work really hard to make this account beautiful 😍 a question for you - do you like cardigans? I love them 😍

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