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Century Tuna Superbods Ageless! Congratulations to all of the participants! I must say this competition really changed my life. Enjoy the journey guys. INSPIRE GREATNESS! 🤙🏼🔥
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Coach vs. Student 1.0 and 2.0 #katawanserye #kpfitness #strongerwithgolds @itsmejaboy

Superbods vs Superbods Ageless 😂
Coach vs Student 2.0
#centurytunasuperbods2018 #centurytunasuperbods #superbodsageless #strongerwithgolds #kpfitness

Killer leg workout (1/3)
Started my first triset with:

Leg press x leg extensions x reverse bicep curls -

With a rep scheme of 4x20

#kpfitness -

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Now, if you zoom allllll the way in you can maybe, almost, sorta, kinda see a baby bicep growing 🙃 Happy Saturday guys, worked all day now off to spend the night w my handsome fiancé! See y’all tomorrow ♥️

Hooray for today! We're just excited for your fitness journey Ric @ricardo_g_dejesus and guess what I used Mary Kay Timewise Liquid Foundation in Beige 5, some brow grooming with Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette and Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder for the finishing touches Grooming by Gian Ruiz @makeupmusclesnme #kpfitness #marykayph #marykayphilippines #mkmenph #katawanserye #makeupmusclesnme #centurysuperbods

FitFam - it’s nice to be surrounded with people of the same passion! #katawanserye #kpfitness #centurytunasuperbods #stringerwithgolds

Surround yourself with people who have desire, goals and ambition; they’ll help you push for and realize your own. #fitspiration #fitspirationleague #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #centurytunasuperbods #strongerwithgolds #kpfitness #katawanserye

Supporting my BodyCon3 family joining Superbods Go See! #katawanserye #kpfitness #strongerwithgolds

Hellerrr fit fam 💓 Happy FriYAY y’all 🙂 Wanna know how my morning went?? Well, I woke up, it was storming outside, I contemplated HARD, on staying in my bed and just waking up when I had to go to class. I decided to get up and head to the gym bc today was deadlift and quad day aka my fav bc deads. Got to the gym and was just feeling like eh, started w deadlifts for reps, worked up to 265lb and hit it once, 2 times. I was lowkey annoyed after that, but then I kept saying ya know it’s fine, it happens! And I got over it☺️ Went onto do heavy squats, literally did ONE 135lb squat then unracked. I really wasn’t feeling lifting heavy this morning so you know what I did?¿ I did what I wanted!!! I said forget my “scheduled” heavy leg day today and did what I wanted! I did 45lb bar squats, pulse squats, close squats and front squats all 10 reps 3x then onto the leg press and quad extension machines 10 reps, single leg then both, 3x each. I felt great after this workout!! Yeah, I changed my entire workout I had planned for this morning, but ya know sometimes you gotta just go with what you’re feeling and do what you want. Fitness is a lifestyle and I thoroughly enjoy working out just in general, but I also love the beauty within being that the ball is always in your court and you can simply do anything you want at any time♥️

We don’t make excuses, we make results! ***killer core workout 💪🏼 .
Thanks coach @culverpadilla and coach @iambrunix !
#strongerwithgolds #goldsgymph #kpfitness #katawanserye #fridayworkoutdone

SWIPE 👉🏼 Okurrrr hope y’all appreciate this video bc my 🍑 and hammies are so sore from yesterday, but I did my finisher from yesterday again today to get a video for y’all!! This bad boy is what I was trying to describe in my caption yesterday 😋 3 sets for each movement, I used 85lbs! This videos a tad bit sped up..remember, slow and steady always wins the race. I think everyone needs to give this a try bc it feels gr8 the day after 🙃 Happy Friday junior babes 💓

Man eat food.
Meat, eggs, raw trees... for breakfast 😱?? I'm fortunate that I enjoy/can tolerate this food.
Sometimes you have to redefine normal.
Why do we traditionally base our day around 3 meals?
Who started the fad that cereal for breakfast is normal? ( corporations ). If your diet seems normal and you're not seeing results, then maybe it's time to get weird and redefine what's normal and make a positive change to your life!
#KPFitness #HighProteinBreakfast #Lean365 #Redefine #IRefuseToTagPaleo

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