Oh my quad!! First peep that frickin form in my deadlifts, okurrr stuck with just 185lb today for 8 reps and 5 sets. It felt GREAT. Also, lowered my dumbell to 45lbs (much lower than what I was previously using) for my heel elevated squats and upped my squatting weight for this to 100lbs!! Sooo I was pretty pumped 🤪 keep swiping and you’ll see my modified single leg squats bc ya girl did 1 legit single leg squat and almost collapsed bc of jello legs soooo modifying it is!! AND last but sure not least, the wonderful leg press that had me almost crying lololol literally. Changing the stance really hits the quads HARD. 5 regular, 5 narrow back to back with 5 sets 🤭 talk about a quad burn 😍 Save dis for quads of steel 😆

PROUD MOMENT!! Held my Ayesha & felt so strong ♥️ really want to get a proper straight edge next time. #pole #polefit #polefitness #fitness #poledance #pdayesha #ayesha #straightedge #kpf #karriespolefit #polemotivation

Little bit of home pole training tonight. #poledancing #polefitness #kpf #karriespolefit #spinningpole #airwalks

LITERALLY thought my quads were going to melt off my legs and fall off 😂 Today’s workout was so frickin good y’all! I was so focused on my form and going for reps and sets with perfect form especially w my deadlifts. I’ve started to feel lower back pain when I’m lifting super heavy sooo that means go back down and fix that form before an injury occurs👏🏼 As summer approaches I’m going to be changing up my workout plan, 1. Because I will be training primarily at PF for the summer and 2. Because my wedding is just about a year away which means it’s time to start leaning out😬 I’m super excited ab these changes that i’ll be making and eager to see how my physique changes in regard to it. This workout was an awesome way to start off the week! I hope you all have a fabulous Monday guys, I have some videos to show y’all later ❤️

Thank you @waterlinesquare for having me at your exclusive hard hat tour with @rva_ny . #waterlinesquare is a five acre new development project on the west side of Manhattan built around a new landscaped park connecting three towers. The three towers are designed by three of the world’s most accomplished architects, Richard Meier, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, and Rafael Vinoly. Residents will have access to lush green space, new restaurants, markets, retail, and over 100,000 square feet of sports, leisure, and lifestyle amenities outside their door. Prices starting at $1.9M - contact me for more info

Sharing 440 West Julian, San Jose California. Designed around the ideas of connecting to nature, density near transit, and a human scaled facade. #kpf #tmgpartners #architecture #sanjose #wellness #sustainability #plompmozes

Entrenar duro..enfocarse y no perder la motivación!!
#instafitness #instachile #menteycuerpo #vamosxmas #amorxloshierros #KPF

#MedicalMonday Restorative Fillings
Restorative fillings are a process where the dentist attaches or “bonds” materials directly to your tooth in order to fill a cavity or change the color and shape. The natural tooth enamel is then fused together with bonding and restorative materials such as porcelain and resins to create a strong structure that still feels and acts like your original tooth. -
#KlinikPergigianFauziah #Fillings #DentalMaterials #Restoration #Dental #DentalCare #KPF #Composite #CompositeRestoration #CompositeFillings

Just out Enjoying Life last night #keeppushingforward #kpf

Moderna i funkcionalna web stranica s mogućnosti besplatne narudžbe jela i pića uskoro kreće s radom.
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Balik kanan dari anniversary King Priok Family #yrkpbanten #yrki #kpf

Sunday!!! My fav day of the week 😍 it’s where I try to do absolutely nothing and just relax and prepare for the week ahead. Here’s my finisher from Thursday’s glute and hammie day that I promised y’all I’d post!! we’re doing 85lbs here and we for sure felt the burn 😅 I love doing compound movements as finisher! This can be a finisher for either a beginner or advanced lifter, to modify just use lighter weight or switch to a regular barbell and to advance even more, add more weight (but be careful because you do need to lift this over your head from the ground up) (: 5 sumo deadlifts, 5 sumo squats (continuous) 3 times! And there ya go, you gotcha a finisher🤗

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