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Our award-winning oil is boosted with Super C, to increase skins absorption of Vitamin C by 1000% percent! #KORRESWildRose

Утро субботы начала с маски Wild Rose/Instant Brightening Mask с шиповником👌Улучшает цвет лица, придаёт сияние коже и освежает✨производитель заявляет, что содержит 93,3% натуральных компонентов. Масло Шиповника-это натуральный источник витамина С, который активно воздействует на морщинки и неровности кожи. В тоже время комплекс из экстрактов трав направлен на борьбу с обесцвечиванием кожи, добавляя ей яркость и сияние. Подходит для всех типов кожи. 15 -20 минут и ты 👸😉. ❓❓❓ А с чего началось ваше утро? #korres #korreswildrose #korrescosmetics

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I've been on a vitamin C kick and this @korresusa Wild Rose Oil (infused with real rose petals) is the perfect addition to my skincare lineup! 😍🌹Available at @sephora #ad #KORRESWildRose

Hello babes 🌹🌹
Today is a no makeup Sunday so I want to share this pretty product! Wild Rose Oil by @korresusa With real rose petals inside ❤
I've been using it every morning/ night after I wash my face and before my moisturizer ☺
It helps brighten up, evens your skin tone & deminishing your fine lines 👌
So I've been enjoying it and I could really see it brightening my face everytime & giving me such a pretty glow! I'm hoping to see the rest of the claims soon! If you don't enjoy the strong scent of roses tho I wouldn't recommend it but I personally love it ❤
Do you babes like to use oils in your skin routine?? 🌹🌹
You can get this baby at @Sephora ❤❤❤ #KORRESWildRose #korresusa #skincare #Sephora #beautycare

I'm always asked how I keep my skin hydrated and bright especially when traveling. The answer: Korres new Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil! It gives you a glow and it's natural! @korresusa #korres20 #korreswildrose #partner http://bit.ly/1Urk3Sp 🌹🌹🌹

Beauty Tip 👀 Have you tried any #korres products? Proud to have Korres natural, products originating from Greece 🇬🇷. If you're new to the brand , I recommend trying their Wild Rose 🌹 collection! Wild Rose the secret of radiant skin! The most popular flower in the world is also a hydrating , brightening , skin-smoothing superstar!!!!! @korres.athens @korresbr at @sephora #korreswildrose #beautytip

Ça sent le printemps! 🌹
Huile Bioregenerante Rosier Sauvage #paiskincare
Crème masque de réparation nuit Rose Sauvage #korres
Crème hydratante 24h Rose Sauvage #korreswildrose
Shampooing délicat volume naturel à la rose #christopherobinparis

Trying to incorporate more natural skincare products into my routine this year. One of my favorite natural brands is @KorresUSA. Their Wild Rose line is AMAZING, especially their new Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil. It's become an important step in my skincare routine because it's filled with vitamins and antioxidants that repair skin and improve texture. Plus I always feel like I have a dewy glow! And aren't the real rose petals in the bottle so pretty?! 🌹You can read more about it here: http://bit.ly/1TEHbg5 {also linked in profile!} #skincare #Korres20 #KorresWildRose

You have a haunting vibe @livingthegrey And congratulations to the Mejuri + @korresusa giveaway winner Laura Rodriguez! ✨ #mejuri #korreswildrose #mejuriXKorres #evileye


Our award-winning oil is boosted with Super C, to increase skins absorption of Vitamin C by 1000% percent! #KORRESWildRose

Spa/skincare night!
I rarely post about products, but I'm in LOVE with these!
Brace yourself people, I'm about to sound like a total infomercial

The @nyxcosmetics oil cleanser takes all of my makeup takes all of my makeup off, and leaves my skin soft but not oily whatsoever... Also I've been using it for a week now and absolutely does not clog your pores like I truly thought oil cleansers would.

The @nyxcosmetics salt scrub/ cleanser exfoliates beautifully without being harsh, and those two things alone make my skin glow!

The Lush mask...amazing! Especially when it's been so warm out and you keep it in the fridge because it's all natural. This mask also makes my face glow and you know, has some tightening features 😊😉 And then of course, last but never least... And this has been my staple for the last 10 years, all of my @Korresusa products. 😍😍😍😍 My Wild Rose serum, not pictured here, my Wild Rose moisturizer and last year I switched from the Wild Rose eye cream, to the Black Pine eye cream. Do genetics play a part in everything? Sure they do....but if you don't take care of your skin with great products that work for YOU, then doesn't matter how great your genetics are.... and without a great skin care routine, it doesn't matter what makeup you put on top of your skin, it will never look as good as it can. What's your skincare routine? What are your absolute must-have products that you can't live without? Is there anything that you've been wanting to try but aren't sure what to use? Ask away! You know I love these questions 😊

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⚫️⚫️⚫️K O R R E S⚫️ ⚫️⚫️
Последнее время все чаще и чаще на моих полках появляются всевозможные крема, и вот одна из полюбившихся мне фирм KORRES. ▪️Главное преимущество марки, это натуральные компоненты🌿🍀🌱
▪️В составе не используются продукты животного происхождения. 🥒🌲🌺
▪️Продукция не тестируется на животных. ▪️На каждом средстве есть небольшая сноска Formula Facts, где в доступной форме указаны главные плюсы того или иного продукта. ◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️
Хорошо увлажняет, восстанавливает и успокаивает серия Wild Rose 🌹 на фото ночная крем -маска и средство для коррекции пигментных пятен. А серия Black Pine борется с морщинами, укрепляя кожу лица😌 на фото крем для области вокруг глаз.
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Winning every award for prettiest skincare product (and a few from @allure!) @korresusa's Wild Rose Vitamin C brightening oil is as powerful as it is beautiful with potent natural actives, a subtle rose scent and a silky texture that melts into the skin! If that wasn’t enough their clinical results are amazing – 100% of users said their skin was softer with improved texture and 97% said their skin looked younger + healthier. I’ve been a huge fan of the wild rose brightening and hydrating line since I worked at the company many years ago and this is the perfect addition to the line! ps I also love the OG classic wild rose cream but my husband steals it the minute it enters the house! #KORRESWildRose

A fresh start to the morning #KORRESWildRose

Quem não tem?! As olheiras estão entre as grandes vilãs de uma pele uniforme e com aparência saudável, não é mesmo? Por isso, siga algumas dicas básicas para ajudar neste problema:
1) estimule a circulação da área dos olhos, fazendo uma massagem facial. Isso ajuda a diminuir o edema;
2) durma bem, durante o sono é quando a pele se recupera;
3) lave o rosto sempre com água fria, a água quente ajuda a dilatar os poros, agravando o problema;
4) utilize um creme específico para a área dos olhos, como o da linha Wild Rose da #korresofficial. Enriquecido com vitamina C, é ideal para clarear marcas e tratar linhas finas de expressão. Nos consulte sobre os produtos.

Entrega para todo o país - whatsapp 11 97608 9715.

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#korreswildrose #korres купила korres wild rose наборы , слышала что это линии очень хорошо увлажняет кожи ... Заказала в интернет-магазин Лэтуаль , сегодня подучила .Понюхала ,запах приятный ,не как Jomalone Roses туалетная вода такой роза запах , а по другом ... Наверное это Wild rose запах. Сегодня вечер попробую ,надеюсь все хорошо ~~~ В наборе --- крем для лица SPF15 ,ночной крем для лица ,крем для глаз SPF15 .

Late May Skin Challenge Day 14: Sunday facial 😃😃😃
A little extra brightening for the weekend. First, basic cleansing (not pictured), followed by Kakadu C Intensive Vitamin C peel pad and Farmacy's skin dew mist 😊. A bit of renewing serum, more vitamin C powder mixed in with ultra repair liquid recovery, and of course hydrating overnight mask... 0o0o0o yeah... I realized it might be a bit too much for some people and less for others, this is just what works for me. #mayskinchallenge #skincaregoodies #skinchallenge #skincarechallege #mayskincarechallenge #kakaduc #sephoraskincare #firstaidbeauty #ultrarepairhydratingserum #farmacybeauty #farmacy #skincare #korreswildrose #Korres #cbooster #turboboostercpowder #cpowder #skindew #superserum #mayskinchallenge

Get radiant smooth skin and flawless makeup application with #KORRESWildRose

#maychallenge Day 13: When you're sick.

Even when I'm sick I still put on some makeup and follow a simple skin regime. I love using philosophy's purity cleanser because it gets rid of all of my makeup. It's simple and straight to the point, I skip the whole tone, serum, treatment and just use an overnight mask. During the day I also skip most of my regimen and slap on some really good face oil and follow it up with some light makeup. I still use my Olay cleansing system just to help get rid of any additional trapped particles. Afterwards, I use my Korres wild rose overnight mask and head to bed. I try to keep at as light as possible, nothing fancy, I just hate doing a long routine when I'm sick, the less steps the better. #maychallenge #mayskincarechallenge #bosciatsubaki #boscia #olaycleanser #korreswildrose #philosophypurity #lazydays #whenimsick #skincare #skinregime #overnightmask #cleanser #skinmask #skinchallenge #mayskinchallenge

A different type of rose for this Mother's Day 🌹#KORRESWildRose

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