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Bin : wyd?
Yer : oneul mohae~ ooh~
Bin : i'm serious
Yer : lol i'm sirius too πŸ˜›
Bin : i'm not in the mood of joking rn
Yer : okay im sorry binnie~
Bin : yea whatever. My mood is gone now
Yer : whats wrong? μ™œλ˜?
Bin : nevermind. I think you should sleep now
Yer : i'm sorry :( please don't mad at me :(( γ… γ…  are u okay?
Bin : i'm just tired
Yer : my poor binnie~ go to bed now and leave those crappy music sheet.
Bin : No!
Yer : so you love that black dot instead me?
Bin : lol of course i love you more
Yer : then, go to sleep now! I will came to your home tomorrow and we can cuddling all the time! πŸ’•
Bin : and kisses?
Yer : lol okay i'm yours
Bin : goodnight yer sleep well. Love you πŸ’“
Yer : good night too. I love you too pabo πŸ’•πŸ˜› #yerin #gfriend #hanbin #bi #ikon #gkon #konfriend #gfriendikon #hanrin

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