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Een heerlijke cappuccino met kokosmelk bij @koffie.spot #koffiespot #koffiespotamsterdam #amsterdam #dagjesamen

Goodmorning! Who loves Saturdays and who likes croissants?🙌 We do! Treat yourself today and come in for the best coffee you've ever tasted and a crispy buttery piece of happiness☕️️👌 Enjoy your day! #croissant #pieceofheaven

Morning guys! We are looking for a new team member!🙋 So.. do you have an excellent relationship with coffee? Do you love to work in an energetic and passionate team? Yes? Send us an e-mail at info@koffiespot.nl with your CV & motivation. We offer you different workshops to become the best barista in town!😉 #baristagezocht #teamkoffiespot

This is a small part of the KoffieSpot super hero's!🙌🏼 On the left, it's Nienke who manages the place and always makes you laugh, in the middle the sweet Martine and on the right side passionate coffeelover Jonas! Come in and say Hi!🙋🏼 📍Elandsgracht 53, Amsterdam
#koffiespothero #teamkoffiespot #coffeepassion

❗️We are looking for Barista super hero's!❗️Do you want to work at the most awesome coffee hotspot in Amsterdam and do you have Barista skills? Send us an e-mail info@koffiespot.nl See ya there!🤗

This is our lovely Thu! Barista and passionate food lover, so she knows what tastes good👌 Besides you can laugh your ass of with her, she is the sweetest girl and very good with coffee☕️ The perfect combination in our opinion🌟 #teamkoffiespot #meetourbaristas

We like Tea! Not as crazy about coffee or detoxing for a period of time? No problem, we are here to support you! Our tea from April is a delicious alternative made from fresh herbes🌱 #theeleut #teatime

Yay! Saturday! 🙆‍ How does this mouthwatering crispy tosti looks to you? With our homemade sauce it's the best! Come in for this tasty little bite and we'll make you a delicious coffee with it☕️ Enjoy! #tasty #coffeeamsterdam #bestplaceforcoffeeandsandwich
Elandsgracht 53, Amsterdam

PASSION(fruit)! Cause passion is what we're standing for!🙌🏻 Every day, every week, every year. We're getting the best out of it! We work with the latest coffee knowledge and techniques. You can taste our love (and passion) for coffee!🌟☕️ #coffeematters #JordaanDistrict #bestcoffeeintown


It's already passed lunch time, but we're spontaneously getting hungry by looking at this great picture from @foodie.louie 🙌🏼😋 See you soon! #healthylunch #koffiespotamsterdam #foodiepic #beetrootjuice

For the Dutchies🌟: hebben jullie het al gelezen? We hebben een mooi artikel gespot met tophockeyster @naomivanasofficial ⚡️ in het magazine van @unive Ze verteld bij Koffiespot over haar favoriete eten🌿 #magazine #etenmet #gespot

Yay, Saturday!🌟 Which means it's time to treat yourself on our mouthwatering Heaven Brownie!🍰 If your day wasn't already fab, it now will be for sure! We'd love to see your Heaven Brownie picture when you're at #KoffieSpot 📸  See ya! #brownies #sweets

Goodmorning guys! Lunch hour is on the way🌿 And this lovely Spicy Tuna sandwich with granny smith apple and jalapenos is waiting for you🙌🏼 What's your fav sandwich for lunch? #sandwich #koffiespotamsterdam #amsterdam

It's Monday, the week has started! Still getting over that fantastic party from last weekend?💃 Make sure your body gets enough vitamins and start with a lovely juice with beetroot!  It is not only good for you stomach but it also helps your body detox☘👌 So cheers to that! #healthy #beetrootjuice

Healthy and yummy!🍓 The perfect breakfast or snack during the day! Yoghurt with Homemade Granola from @degroenezusjes & a fresh Detox juice🍏 Cheers to the freakin' weekend guys!💃 #enjoytheweekend #detox #healthy

Happy Monday guys! Did you all enjoyed the weekend? Take it slow on the first day of the week😏  Mondays are tough, don't forget your cup of coffee on your way to work! We're open at 8am, see ya!✌️ #mondays #coffeebeforework #Koffiespot

This is our lovely Thu! Barista and passionate food lover, so she knows what tastes good👌 Besides you can laugh your ass of with her, she is the sweetest girl and very good with coffee☕️ The perfect combination in our opinion🌟 #teamkoffiespot #meetourbaristas

It looks like a party, and that's exactly what it tastes like!🍰 Our yummy Cranberry&Pistachio cake👌 It's the all-time favorite of the Koffiespot team. Try it and you'll know why😋 What's your favorite cake? #lemonpistachiocake #koffiespotfavorite

Good morning guys! How are you feeling today? It's almost weekend!🙃 Which means.. relaxing, enjoying your mornings with the newspaper and an cup of coffee🙏 Is that what your perfect weekend morning looks like? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear! #perfectmornings #mroningcoffee #koffiespotamsterdam

coffee ☕️

OMG guys! How delicious does this croissant look? It's our Sunny Sunrise!😎 For the maximum food pleasure on a Sunday morning! Add your delicious coffee and you're ready to rock this chilling day off💃🙌 #breakfasttothemax #croissantdeluxe #breakfastinamsterdam

Morning! Keep it simple with our DETOX juices!🍏🌱 Made of only fresh vegetables and fruits right from our Juice Bar! You can even customize your own if you feel a bit more creative💫 What is your fav detox juice?Step by if you're in the #JordaanDistrict to get your vitamins for today!🍋🍏

Morning guys!🙋 Don't you like a heavy breakfast early in the morning? Then don't! Take a slice of our homemade Bananabread, get you fav coffee and your good to go!🙌 #goodmorning #homemadebananabread

Morning everybody! We introduce you to one of our new team members!🙋 Did you already meet Carlos? He just joined our Koffiespot squad for several weeks. This very kind man comes from Spain and loves to make you laugh!🙃 And.. of course loves to make you the most delicious coffee, juices and sandwiches, yummy!🙌👌 #teamkoffiespot #newteammember

Look at this beauty! Yeah we're talking about the coffee 😉 We have a new bean called the Inga Aponte, which is the hillside of the still active Dona Juana volcano. In the espresso you'll find notes of dark chocolate and dark cherries🍒🍫 . Combined with milk, the coffee has a dry aftertaste. We say Cheers!☕️🙌 Are you stepping by to try it? #newbean #newcoffee

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