❌Chi überzeugt nicht nur mit seinem Geschmack, sonder mit der pflanzlichen Wirkung! Einmal Chi - immer Chi! 5€ Neukundengutschein gibt es oben drauf.

❌Es ist nicht wichtig was du kannst, sondern dass du es zum richtigen Zeitpunkt kannst. Chi hilft dir dabei hochkonzentriert zu sein und nicht nervös zu werden. Egal ob Prüfungen oder Businessgespräche, Chi hilft dir. Dafür sorgen Zutaten wie Ginseng, Rosmarin Macawurzel, Ingwer und Acerola. Rein Pflanzlich!

Zutaten wie Ingwer, Acerola, Macawurzel, Ananas, Ginseng, Rosmarin und Koffein machen Chi einzigartig. Mehr Power! Mehr Konzentration! Vegan!

🌱Pure Energie & höchste Konzentration in einem Energyshot! 100% Vegan 🌱

🍸 Pflanzlich 🌱 Nachhaltig 🌱 Ethisch 🌱

🌱Fühle das Feuer 🔥 in dir mit dem feurig exotischen Chi! Mit Power durch den Tag. 100% pflanzlich 🌱

The Special One ist kein Fußballtrainer, sondern unser California Roll Teriyaki Burger.
Dich erwartet auf dem Burger Wasabi Mayo, Chickin Teriyaki, Avocadocreme, Wie-roter-Kaviar, Patty aus Sushi-Reis mit Nori-Alge ummantelt, Sushi-Ingwer und mehr.
Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch :-)
#whatveganseat #reinpflanzlich #burgerliebe #koelnvegan #veggieburger #veganfood

This is one of my all-time favourites! I had it one day when I was in one of my favorite restaurants in Cologne.
Fried potatos with green beans, olives and dried tomatos. Spiced with sea salt, pepper and thyme.
The original is with goat cheese. You can easily drop it or replace it by tofu.
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Chi, die gesunde Kaffeealternative! 100% pflanzlich 100% Wirkung! Mit Koffein, Ingwer, Acerolakirsche, Macawurzel, Ananas, Orange, Ginseng und Rosmarin.

Noch müde? Hier ist der beste Wachmacher! Mit Koffein, Ingwer, Acerolakirsche, Macawurzel, Ananas, Ginseng und Rosmarin.

Have one of our wonderful mueslis - whether classic Bircher or a #vegan 🌱 mixed berry or mango - we serve all our mueslis with homemade granola and fresh sessional fruits #delicious thanks 🙏 to beautiful @sarahb1188 for this tremendous📸
#hommagekoeln #breakfast #frühstück #koeln #muesli #bowl #happy #treatment #morningtreats #veganfood #koelnvegan

Liebe Edelbeißer Freunde und Papa Luigi Fans!
Wir hoffen, unsere neue Kreation wird Euch gefallen 😎

Pizza Mamma Lucia mit Salamico, Artischocken, Champignons und Cayenn Pesto

Lieferung in Köln, Bonn, Bergisch-gladbach und Bochum

#pizza #vegan #salami #koelnvegan #bonnvegan #bochum #pizzalove #plantbased #lieferservice #koeln #bonn #VEGANPIZZA #veganfood

MELTED LEMON NICE CREAM 🍋🍌🌻☀️Sadly the ice cream is melted, but it was so yummy that I want to post it anyway. It's not so frozen ❄️, because the bananas 🍌 were to short in the freezer. Four hours are to short to get them totally solid. Lemons 🍋 and bananas 🍌 are a great couple 💏 together, because they are so opposite: sour and fresh + creamy and sweet 💛 The yellow blossoms are from my Asia salad I have seeded last fall. Now its blooming 🌼. Ingredients for 2 servings: 8 bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌, juice of 2 lemons 🍋🍋, zest of 1 lemon 🍋
Let the bananas become really ripe. Peel them and cut them in slices. Let them freeze until solid over night 🌜. Mix all the ingredients in the @vitamix until smooth. Topping: sliced baby banana 🍌, coconut, freeze dried fruits from @buahfruits Tropenlust, yellow edible blossoms and lemon zest 🍋

GRANOLA CRUMBLE W/ BERRIES 🍓🍒🍇🍋 🌿 Crumble is a great thing because it's so quick and easy to make. This crumble is deliciously grainy because I have added sesame, buckwheat, nuts and pumpkin seeds in the dough. But it tastes sweet and yummy like a a cake 🍰🍪 because of the maple syrup 🍁 and the lemon zest.
Ingredients for a cake tin 33 cm x 22 cm:
Dry ingredients: 130 g oat flakes from @tanteolgakoeln, 45 g sunflower seeds 🌻, 20 g pumpkin seeds 🎃, 40 buckwheat, 35 g sesame, 50 coconut crisps 🌴, 20 g coconut flour, 70 g rough chopped almonds, 40 g fine chopped hazelnuts, 60 g almond flour from @rapunzel_naturkost
Liquids ingredients:
150 g maple syrup, 80 g melted coconut oil from @tropicai_cocoupyourday, 3 ml vanilla powder from @lebensbaum_, zest of 1 lemon 🍋
900 g frozen berry mix 🍓🍇🍒
At first mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Than mix all the liquid ingredients in an other bowl. Pour the liquid ingredients in the dry ones and mix. Do not mix to long. Spread the frozen ❄️ berries 🍓 all over in the tin. Crumble the dough over the berries. Bake at 150 C for about 20 minutes until golden (air circulation, without preheating). Turn off the oven but let the crumble inside for 10 minutes. I don't like it too dark baked. Serve it warm maybe with a blot coconut yoghurt from @alnatura.

ME IN MY HAPPY LITTLE KITCHEN 🌿🔪 When I'm taking photos in my kitchen I'm putting down the plants from the window sill. So more light ☀️ is coming inside. That makes a huge difference. I'm taking photos only at sunny days and preferred in summer time. What I can't bear are underexposed photos 🙈! Moody photos are cool, because they are deliberately taken in less light. Then I'm editing my photos in Lightroom. I'm just a beginner in Lightroom. If you have any tips, feel free to write them down. I'm making only the simplest things in Lightroom: lighter, deeper, more dynamic and white balance. My old Nikon D 50 has a big problem with white balance. So without post editing it wouldn't work. I need to find out how to edit only some parts of the photo.
Photo: @wurstsalateinszwo

DINO KALE SALAD 🌿🍃 @mami_und_hanni has made this yummy salad at my cooking workshop 📝🔪🍠🌽 last Saturday. This is not normal kale it's dinosaur or black kale. It's very similar to kale. It looks very similar and tastes like kale. The difference is that here in Germany we can't buy kale in summer 🌻 only in winter ⛄️ and Dino kale is available the whole year. The savory dressing was made with Tamari and ginger. I love the pomegranate seeds as a topping 💕 so beautiful!

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