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#koalacrate this month was a huge hit #bugs #nature #kiwicrate she got to design her bug wings and lady big bag with her mushroom bug eye imitation lens and headband

You can make anything with paper tape. #koalacrate #crafts #entertainkids #racingcars #papertape #cars

This is our favorite activity game so far. Easy to carry anywhere and a perfect way to keep our toddler busy at home, in the plane or at the hotel while on a vacation. It is a life saver. Thank you @kiwico_inc #kiwico #koalacrate #funactivities

I think someone likes uniformity #raleighmartin #koalacrate

Farm fun with #koalacrate! He made this barn on his own with minimal assistance from me! This month’s theme is: Farm. We’ll make finger puppets, a vegetable garden and barn. All materials included! #toddleractivities #educational#stemeducation #kiwico#learningactivities #learningthroughplay#stemactivities #steamactivities

My cute little bug ☺️🐞 #koalacrate #cuteasabug

Normally evenings consist of me getting home at 6, giving Bruce a bath, making dinner, eating dinner then bedtime routine. My #momguilt has me all like I need to be dping more learning activities with him. So I'm going to incoprate a quick 5 to 10 min EASY learning activity when I get home.
The key here for is EASY! As a #workingmom I don't have a ton of time to prep. Fortunately there are some amazing #homeschoolingmoms and #sahm that I follow on Insta that come up with amazing ideas that are easy to replicate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tonight activity was working on number recongition. .
I quickly drew out 1 to 5 on cardstock ( realized I need some new markers that aren't dried out). We made bean bags from wooden beads and canbas bags.(these were from his august #koalacrate) .
Then Bruce thew the bean bags at the number I called out. He also had fun just jumping on the numbers. .
I will be posting our learning activities on stories so make sure you are following there if you want to keep up with our antics. .
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#koalacrate fun! Chef Atticus is baking a pistachio and strawberry "cake" 🤩

Nova and Teresa made their own pretend birthday cake!! #koalacrate #weloveyou

Enjoying her Koala crate! She’s loving the rainbows 🌈 Thank you for the special birthday present that keeps coming... can’t wait to see what comes next month! 🌈 #KiwiCo #KoalaCrate

My little bug boy. I love koala crate! It keeps him entertained the whole time while he learns to craft. #koalacrate #crafting #craft #toddler #sahm #momlifeisthebestlife #mom

Having fun playing, crafting, & learning with our @koalacratekids! These crates are great for kids + moms because they come with everything you need to have some focused learning time! My 4 year old can do most of the building and doing on her own and simple concepts for her level. I would do more vocabulary and science for my 5/6 year olds.
#growingweisser #koalacrate #childhoodunplugged #motherhood #science #insects #family #momlife

We love STEM Wednesday’s!! Raleigh’s Koala Crate was a major hit today! @kiwico_inc

We had so much fun making the activities from the @kiwico_inc #koalacrate #rainbow Little one loves her cushion and was so proud of her tote. Can’t wait to see how the stained glass project turns out

Parker was so excited when his #koalacrate was at the door!🎉 I’m not going to lie, I’m a little skeptical of subscription boxes. But @kiwico_inc has never disappointed! Their activities are super hands-on and so much fun! All of the themes are super cute and the items you end up with our high-quality for handmade DIY toys and fun! 💖💖💖
Btw use my link for $10 towards your first crate or an item in the shop! https://www.kiwico.com/Refer?i=CorinneW13

Scarlett made a little rainbow pillow today 🌈 perfect craft for a toddler #kiwico #koalacrate

Titus loved his bug themed Kiwi crate. We took our crate on the go this week while we were dog sitting for a family member. This was so easy to grab and go. Made finding something to do that much easier. Titus showed me and Thorne some new skills. He used symmetry on his bug wings. He practiced bug names along with matching the different kinds together. We all loved how cute the lady bug pouch was. It was perfect that the mushroom bug eye finder fit perfectly in the pouch with the matching game.
We love #kiwicrate !!! We all have such a great time figuring out what comes next. Thankfully we had Thornes help on threading the lady bug pouch. Titus was so excited to play with his creations all week.
To see what kiwi crate has to offer go to the link in my bio. 😊

#homeschoolonthego #koalacrate #preschoolcanbefun

While Dad’s away, Mom and Johnny play! Johnny made a snake, complete with rolling tongue.
#johnnythemiller @kiwico_inc #KoalaCrate

Rylen & Grandma made a hobby horse 🐴 from his newest #koalacrate @kiwico_inc

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