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Precision, redefined.
#Repost @kirbyssfs
Introducing the XC9 stick and the XC7 gloves from @playtruehockey available now! Redefine precision. #accuracy #control #feel #comfort #hockey #twig #glove #knucklepuck #sourceforsports #weknowourstuff #weknowhockey #ksfs #kirbys #yyj #local #victoria #True #TeamTrue #PlayTrue #MadeTrue #XC7 #XC9

Sick video via our friends at @xposedproductions from our first day on Warped Tour! We're melting faces in the face-melting Phoenix heat today 🤘🔥🔥🔥 Check out the full video on @xposedproductions YouTube channel: youtu.be/owWFHRam2IU

I am a nightmare and you are a miracle ✨
#vividsydney #brandnewrock

i impulsively bought a cactus named kai ( or ella??? help me decide ??) for no reason honestly

And after all of this is still find it heard to breathe. I taught myself things you never did. You need a spine like I need new skin. But neither will ever happen. #knucklepuck

"How could I step forward when there's not much to step for?" #me #star #walltowall #depreciation #knucklepuck

Knuckle Puck - Calendar Days / Indecisive 7"
I'm sad I wasn't able to get the other pressing before it sold out it was so much nicer and not basic light pink lol #knucklepuck #vinyl


I got bud in my pocket in the car with my mom nice

"Ive learned to love myself more than i could ever love you"

"How could I step forward when there's not much to step for?" #me #star #walltowall #depreciation #knucklepuck

wrist so icy wonder why he like me bitch I'm drowning

Maybe I'm my own greatest fear, maybe I'm too scared to admit that🎵

I want you to be happy,
and if it isn't with me that's fine,
because you're the only person I
ever loved enough to put before
myself. Seeing you happy, makes
me happy, and that's what love is

Here's our set list for tomorrow nights show! Let us know what song you're excited to hear in the comments! See you guys tomorrow at @masquerade_atl in ATLANTA!

"knuckle puck is a hardcore real friends"

peace of mind ☮

I forget that there are people who genuinely think the right side of my lip is pierced when it's the left my selfies just mirror it I guess but ya girl still got her left side pierced just look for the "beauty mark" on my left side of my jaw and you'll know

something I probably dislike the most is the lag of your connect like cmon man you tryna make some bank or naw
it looks like my piercing is gone oh no but it's really on the other side lol

Everyone needs to watch Lion 💕 #lion #lionmovie

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