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Things @annieleblanc is into:
scary movies.
Things she's not into:
big cities.
papayas. (oh poor papayas & their weird texture 😂)

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Train Your Mind To See The Good In Everything
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I start most days, most weeks, with quite a long ‘to do’ list. Some of these things are personal, some for our business, some for my son or friends. And I have noticed recently that I often finish my day, my week, focusing on what I didn’t get done on this list, rather than the things that I did. Noticing the things that didn’t work, rather than the things that did work. And it really feeds that old sense of mine, that I am never quite enough. That I can never quite get it right. That life is somehow a little against me. By focusing on the things that didn’t work or I didn’t get done I keep myself in a perpetual state of striving and stress, even if it is low grade stress. I start the next day or the next week already feeling like I am behind. Feeling a little anxious. Feeling tired. Feeling like I am doing life on my own. Rarely really acknowledging myself and all the things that I do get right, that I do get done or acknowledging how I created time to simply be. To fill myself up, to self-care and nurture myself and others. So, this week I am going to practice doing life differently. I am going to shift my focus from what doesn’t work or what I don’t get done to what does work in my day, to what I do get done, to how and who I am in the world. To being a human Being rather than simply a human Doing. I am going to focus seeing and feeling the grace that is often all around me. Focus on the simple pleasures in life. Focus on the kind smile I receive from the lady where I buy my lunch, the sunshine on my back, the support and care I often receive from my friends and family. I am going to do my daily gratitude practice and I am going to stop and appreciate myself and life along the way. And practice self-compassion when I slip back into my old habit of focusing on what doesn’t work or I didn’t get done! Do you want to join me this week? With great warmth Jo Join our community and find out more about the launch of the online Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself, by leaving your details at authenticwoman.co #authenticwoman #consciouswoman #compassionateselfawareness #selfcompassion #selfawareness

Cancer Awareness Campaign 🙏 by Aayushi healthy healing🍃 spread awareness on the causes and importance of early detection of cancer💪 Save lives!! 👍 When I had a chance to visit the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology❄

Contact aayushihealthyhealing@gmail.com for details about donations
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•It's our challenges and obstacles that give us layers of depth and make us interesting • #layersofyourself #knowyourself

Dynamics, Condition, Coordination, Strength, Explosivity - some important keys in my fighting game. Know your strengths and your weaknesses and try to get a got balance between them. Complete yourself and keep the focus on your strengths 'cause nobody is special when he just has not much weaknesses but when he has some very good skills!

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As You Awaken You Move Through Dimensional Fields To Higher Levels Of Consciousness.
As you do this the places in you that used to identify with the lower dimensional thoughts and beliefs can feel uncomfortable as they come up to clear.
It is like the Universe is saying, “Are you sure you still want this thought/belief?” Sometimes all hell breaks loose in your life because your higher level vibration is more powerful now and the energy flowing through you empowers old patterns you don’t want live in a more empathic way. They manifest quicker. It is very important at this time to become more conscious and to choose higher level thoughts.

On the higher realms you receive Guidance in the form of Light and Feelings of Love washing thru you and your body might heat up. You might burst out crying as more love comes in. You can hear your guidance more clearly. You get insights and impulses to move you to manifest your desires more easily.

You feel LOVED and cherished. You start to understand why you are here. You know stuff. You just know. You feel empowered.
As these higher level vibrations are becoming your new normal, you have to let go of the old patterns of energy you previously were living and this can be an uncomfortable experience.

The ego can feel like it is dying and will fight for its existence. It believes “it” is those beliefs. If you try to hold onto those old patterns, you will experience suffering.
If you let them go… you will experience FLOW.

This process is not easy and it can take years, but it is totally worth it as life gets easier and easier and you become more awake and aware and enlightened everyday. ~ Lisa Long www.journal.thriveglobal.com • Artist Unknown image via @the.ride.of.life

Sigo esta página no Facebook porque quase todos os dias nos brinda com algo que pode despertar a nossa consciência.

«O mantra de hoje é: "Quanto mais você sabe quem você é, e o que você quer, menos permite que as coisas perturbem sua paz".»

Today I am grateful for: 💕 Knowing myself #365daysofgratitude #grateful #knowyourself #loveyourself #walkingmypath

Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar.🎨🚅
Somos los tripulantes de nuestro barco, las olas nos moverán pero si tenemos claro nuestro destino llegaremos a buen puerto 🌎🌅
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Libro recomendado: El poder del ahora

Know yourself. Because
It's a world full of scared people. Scared to lose. Scared of heartbreak. Scared of coming back to no one and nothing in particular. Scared of being alone. Don't be a prisoner of your mind. Free yourself & Know yourself. You are beyond powerful soul. 🙂 #knowyourself #Yoga #meditation #spiritualjourney #spiritual

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