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bekky O'Neil @bekkyoneil of @cardboardrealityfarm "As a city girl by birth, and a first generation farmer by choice, farming has been an exploration into the inter-connectivity of life. For years I lived in apartments, houseplants clustered by each and every window, never knowing exactly what I was missing, but that something wasn't there. Moving out to the country where I can see the seasons change, or the weather move across the sky has been an immense privilege. It connects me to my ancestors each moment I spend cultivating a plot, and to my community with each successive harvest. As an artist, farming has given me deeper insight and an entirely new palette on which to draw. It is easy to forget and easier still to ignore where our food comes from. We are working to use no-till permaculture techniques to restore fertility, feed the soil and grow. Eating is a creative and political act. Our food should be as beautiful and unique as we are." #womenwhofarm #bees #honey #femalefoodheros #rolemodel #womenfarmers #womeninag #farmlife #farm #farmersmarket #iamamodernfarmer #organicfarming #smallfarm #knowyourfarmer #meetyourfarmer #community #foodsecurity #foodjustice #celebratingwomeninagriculture #localfoodforlife #womenfarmers #changeishere

There's a new post on the blog with lots of photos from my time touring farms in the Methow Valley for the @methowconservancy's #methowgrown project. It was an honor to be a part of such a meaningful and impactful project and a pleasure to get to know these farmers, hear their stories, learn about their values and their goals, and develop a deep appreciation for the work they do to nourish us and the land. Each one of them has a unique approach to farming integrating their personal philosophies, innovative techniques, and sustainable practices. Check it out! #knowyourfarmer

We're seriously in love with our Strawberries🍓❤️🍓! Swing through Fort Bragg Market today for a basket or a get a deal on a flat! Photograph by the talented @lucillelawrence. #knowyourfarmer

We moved the boys to a virgin section of the woods that we will rotate them through the next three months to finish them before shipping. We put the hog tape on them this weekend and they are weighing in at 187 pounds, up forty pounds from just a few weeks ago 😳 Hoping we can get them as close to 300 as possible in the next three months. 🐷All of the produce/canning scraps, plants, and of course the abundance of acorns and saplings in this section of the woods should help us get there and flavor that meat 🤤🥓#pigsofinstagram #berkshirepork #tastetheacorn #rotationalgrazing #organicfarming #pigfarming

Restaurants are interesting beasts. We've had the conversation of do we open one, where? Why? We've enjoyed being a small voice, speaking out for the nations farmers & ranchers. Farmer and Chef is our common language, the dialect that has brought us together with Two Bear Farm, Whitefish and the State of Montana. 🤘 O yea, the gravel cycling is insane too! #ridebikeseatfood
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Harvesting in long sleeves with mugs of hot coffee for the first time in ages. Super grateful for the relief from the heat. Grateful farmers today that's for sure! Photo credit to my girl @kateschwag

FREE AUGUST FARM TOUR! Farm Tours have always been an important part of our family's vision. We invite you to come out and connect with your farmer and with the land that grows your food. Join us for a Customer Appreciation Farm Tour Capay this Sat. 8/19. Enjoy a harvest activity – we’ll be picking heirloom tomatoes! Attend a Farm Talk, join in on a kids’ activity, take a ride on our tractor tram, and much more. For more info visit: http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com/events/event We hope to see you there! #heirloomtomatoes #farmtour #knowyourfarmer

Eve gelince, böyle karşılanmak 🙏🍅💛💚// came home to this, happy! #knowyourfarmer #semizotu #domates #fresh #istanbul #bitmeden


Grain or feed concentrates?
Ain't nobody got time for that ~ plus, that crap's bad for them.

The shishitos are coming on strong. Needed to lighten up the plants a bit to entice them to make more fruit, so these guys are coming with me to get a nice char and then tossed in a jar and quick pickled.

Be sure to grab a spot at our table for dinner September 13, 2017. Only 18 tickets left!! #seasonandsupply

The buns are enjoying a afternoon mist to cool them off. So glad I installed this mister for them. I just flip it on when it gets above 85, and it mists 1/3 of their grow out pen, so they can get wet if they want, or stay out of it, and enjoy the cooler air that flows from it. #bluewhistlerfarm #wehatesummer

First celery harvest of the season! Come see us at the Farmer's Market On Broadway in Green Bay from 3-8pm.

Packing pig dogs for our awesome customers in Piggery world today....

This spider web lured me out into the backyard dewy grass to try and capture its beauty in the morning sunrise. We've been quiet on this feed, giving attention to our venture with @deeprootsandco (check out recent photos there and follow!) Farming has been one of the hardest things to do as a family but also one of the most rewarding lifestyles I could ever ask for. We've failed over and over trying to come up with more innovative ways to do this to meet 21st century needs. But in the failure comes the reward. Each failed idea and frustration gives birth to something new, even better. It's learning to step out of your own way and let it happen. We are so excited about what's on the horizon for us and @deeprootsandco . If you have been here from the start when we first opened our little membership program, we really can't thank you enough. You've invested in our dreams and to be a part of something bigger in the food movement. We are in it for the long haul and we have never felt more inspired that this is what we are called to do in life. Can't wait to show you what's next! #spidersthatinspire #deeproots #growth #eatlocal #knowyourfarmer #virginia

Wet happy with the #dragontongue #beans this season, they've been amazing. Our CSA shareholders will find another nice portion in their weekly shares this afternoon, so good. #vancouver #sustainablefoodsystems #vancovergrown #eatgreatfood #supportlocal #knowyourfarmer

Eat more fruit & vegetables! Whose your fruit and/or veg farmer? What is your favourite thing to buy from them? If you're a farmer, who is another farmer that you admire? Love on them in the comments! We'll start things off... 🥒🍒🍅🌶🌽🍉

Strawberry • Kale • Farm Pop
It's healthy, it's delicious, it's kale in a pop! Good thing we have them at the farm store! Come shop for your groceries while your kids have a #healthy farm treat! :
#farmpops #made in #partnership with @3_brothers_marketplace #strawberry #kale #knowyourfarmer #knowyourfood #newfieldsnh #exeternh #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #localsupportlocal #localsupportinglocal #summertime #treat #popsicle #popsicles #golocal

It's a beautiful #beerblondie day!! Carrot Walnut made with @blackhogbeer Granola Brown and @stonegardensfarmct carrots and Grapefruit White Chocolate Chip made with @thimblebeer Ruby #sogood #thedrunkalpaca #bakingwithbeer #local #localbeer #ctbeer #madewithbeer #madeinct #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #knowyourbaker #knowyourbrewer #knowyourfarmer

Another great shot from @sonomamag of our charcuterie plate 👌🏽
More than just a butchery, the new Thistle Meats in Petaluma has been opened up to include a small seating area serving sandwiches, soups and charcuterie plates that go far beyond deli fare. #petaluma #deli #charcuterie #sonomacounty

One of my favorite reasons for keeping chickens is they are the best clean-up crew around! Aside from eating larvae and weed seeds in the field, they are happy to take care of waste from the garden. Chickens take more kindly to giant, woody summer squash than humans do, and they love the boost of protein in the seeds, as well as the sweet, juicy flesh on these hot summer days. Eat up, kids! 😍🐔🐔🐔

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