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Great things are happening around you everyday. You either belong to the groups that watch these things happen or the ones that make them happen. A lot of young people are joining the great chariot to get the results that count. Where do you belong? #single #singlelife #purpose #inspiration #knowingGod #relationshipgoals #ServingGod @miclagos

I’m excited to be finally diving into my Christmas gift 👏🏻😍 I’ve heard wonderful things about this book!
“Would you lose your sorrow? Would you drown your cares? Then go, plunge yourself in the Godhead’s deepest sea; be lost in his immensity; and you shall come forth as from a couch of rest, refreshed and invigorated. I know nothing which can so comfort the soul; so calm the swelling billows of sorrow and grief; so speak peace to the winds of trial, as a devout musing upon the subject of the Godhead.” Charles Spurgeon

#DailyWord: "So I will bless You as long as I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name."
-‭‭Psalms‬ ‭63:4‬‬ ” [Follow @merlefans]

Everything is connected, through a medium that cannot be measured, but that which can instead only be felt…
You and I are connected, because regardless of our appearance or our current location, we ARE of the same invisible spiritual energy…

Many of you feel this energy, deep within your inner self…
Many people have tried to explain, prove or indeed dis-prove this energy…

But the underlying ‘laws’ which safeguard this omnipresent spiritual ‘force’, mean that, in this short physical life at least, the hidden spiritual energy which connects us all, cannot be measured, proven or indeed disproved…

It will, for now at least, evade the instruments of the scientific eye…

And yet, it is our faith in the unknown and the unseen that we have, in part, come here to embrace…
And it is this faith that confirms our universal connection to one another…

Each of you is, and always will be, my spiritual brother and sister, because we originate from the same spiritual family…
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I’ve been fighting with God the past few weeks on timing.
In my limited vision + understanding, im convinced NOW is the time to get pregnant, grow our family + hit some major milestones on my vision board.
But instead of being affirmed that I’m right, Im watching friend after friend announce their pregnancy or their home purchase or this or that + Im sucked right into the most dangerous territory of my heart: the thoughts of “that’s not fair” or “I deserve that”.
If I allow these thoughts to plant seeds in my heart + mind, I get lost in a black whole of negative talk, complaining, arguments of fairness. My confidence in Gods work in me, the path he’s called ME to gets lost + forgotten.
It started happening to me this morning. The ANGER of “why not?” The pain of “will you ever?”
This happens to ALL of us.
The only way to beat it, is planting yourself right back in the truth.
For an hour I sat here + read word after word after word until the ickiness of discontentment + negativity washed clean.
I’m not perfect.
I fight God daily about what He’s doing with me. But everyday he wins. 🙌🏼PTL 😉
He shows me his KINDNESS In a “not yet” response. He demonstrates his fairness in a “trust me” whisper. He pours into my fragile, hurting heart a LOVE, a GRACE, a MERCY that says “you’re not forgotten, you’re loved just as much as anyone; trust I know what’s best for you”.
Parents do things DAILY for their kids that kids fight... take naps, do chores, no candy before bed. None of which a kid sees as fair at the time. But the parent sees the bigger picture, they’re heart is FOR their baby. And their love is LAVISHED on their child as they guide, direct, teach, slow down, inform, + protect their baby for the BIGGER picture.
God is on the move.
Im discovering the depths of his love, width of his fairness + height at which I can trust him.
I don’t see the whole picture, but I do know allowing negativity to win on the battlefield will paralyze his ability to use + bless me.
So I will sit.
Day after day for as many days as I have on this 🌎 to wrestle with him, KNOW him + LOVE him.
His presence; the greatest yes he’s ever given me.

In all you are getting, get understanding. @bishopwilliamwood book #amazon #getit #wisdom #holyspirit #knowinggod

In our spiritual minds, we ‘know’ and ‘sense’ that we are a part of something much, much bigger than merely what the physical eye can ‘see’. We sense and feel this, because it is TRUE... #spiritualeyes #quotesforlife #quoteoftheday #cosmos #sky #spirit #spiritual #spiritually #spiritrealm #enlightenment #awakening #ascension #knowinggod #god #thesoul #thirdeye #themeaningoflife #themeaningofself #thesearchforeverything #thejourney

Be Still: Diam. and know that I am God; dan ketahuilah bahwa Akulah Tuhan, untuk mengenal Dia kita perlu belajar diam yang berarti menyerahkan kendali penuh kepada Dia dan biarkan Dia yang bekerja menunjukan keberadaaanNya dengan begitu kita akan belajar siapa Dia atas hidup kita. Karena semakin engkau tidak mampu semakin besar itulah kau perlu belajar utk diam dan berserah pada Tuhan. #gbirmk #permatabuana #bestill #knowingGod #surrender #toGod #beblessed #qotd #bibleverse

Thank you for being a part of the mission of Freedom,Love, and Peace @nm_capiro and most importantly being an example!
I remember back in 1965 when you Transformed my life with your story and words and helped me know God better! THANK YOU💜#returntothetruth #knowinggod #awareness #understanding #mindset

So ready for the High School and College Girls CBT Discipleship Group tonight. Would you pray with me for them? #bibleliteracymovement #knowinggod #discipleship

Starting today : Lord, teach me to study the bible in 28 days !! Day one acomplished!! #studyingtheword , #kayarthur , #lordteachmetostudythebiblein28days , #devotional , #knowinggod !!

What do you have that God hasn't given you? -- Everything belongs to God! He is the creator of the all things! Our lives entirely depend on Him! So let us stop boasting as if the glory belongs to us and just give it all back to the one and only Living God! -- -- @debrahkale I was honestly blessed by this cover! It's amazing to know that there are young and beautiful women still on fire for God .. especially with this day and age! Keep the fire burning girl, cause God looks amazing on you🙏🏽❤️ soit vraiment beni🙌🏽 #everythingbelongstojesus#loverofgod#worship#1corinthians4#adoration#glorytogod#womenempoweringwomen#talithakoum#jeunefillelevetoi#servingGod#knowingGod#lovingGod#womenofpurpose#womenoffaith

Starting TONIGHT, join us for a brand new series! This we will be a journey to learn more about the character of our worthy God. We can't wait to worship + dive into the Word with you!
AND we are having a baptism! Come ready to celebrate DEATH TO LIFE!
Sundays | 5:30PM

My Time with God: Renewed in His Presence Daily by @joycemeyer
In her most personal devotional ever, Joyce Meyer offers a path for you to develop greater closeness with God.

Written over a period of three years, these encouragements were revealed to Joyce through her own experiences, and inspired in her heart to help you get closer to God through your devotional time with Him.

The most important thing Joyce wants you to know is that God loves you completely and wants a close, personal relationship with you. MY TIME WITH GOD will inspire you to spend more time with God and His Word. It is an effective resource to help you achieve the life-changing sense of peace and happiness that only comes from closeness with Him. Filled with Scripture, powerful insights, and guided prayers, when you make time each day to read and study this devotional, you will begin to experience a fresh, powerful intimacy with our Lord.

Are you looking at God though a dirty lens? #knowingGod - pure heart, mind and soul #merechristianity #ayearwithcslewis

#DailyWord: What does your heart look like? [Follow @merlefans]

#SacredSunday: The devil can be busy in your life. Using temptations to entice you to act out of character or morals. Causing cracks in your foundation. The devil comes strongest to those he knows to be the most God fearing and on the right path to spread the #truth and blessings of God. Don't look down. Stay aware of the tricks of the devil and remain close to God's laws. God is also busy. #Amen. [Follow @hamptonblunetwork]

That I May Know Him Better Verse of the Day: Ephesians 1:17 I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

My deepest wish and desire is that I may know Him better. With every day, week, month, and year that passes my hope is that I may gain wisdom and revelation that brings me closer to Him. I want more of you, God, less of me and more of you, God. #theconsecratedwoman #verseoftheday #encouragement #inspiration #wisdom #revelation #knowingGod

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